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What Does the “Order Closed” Mean on AliExpress and What to Do?

What Does the “Order Closed” Mean on AliExpress and What to Do?

Vigilant customers regularly check their AliExpress personal accounts to monitor their orders. What if the shipment is canceled or the parcel goes to a wrong address? The sooner you find out something goes wrong, the easier you can handle the issues and the less time you will lose.

If you have ever made an order on this popular  Chinese platform, you might have seen the “Order Closed” status. Do you see the status for the first time? Don’t worry, we will tell you what this status means and when you need to open the dispute and request the refund.

Why Does this Status appear?

It is AliExpress administration who can close the order. Neither the seller, nor the customer can do it. Most often, the orders are closed for the reason, not because of the problems:

  • customer picked up the parcel and confirmed the delivery of the order;
  • customer picked up the parcel but didn’t indicate it on their personal account:
  • the buyer protection expired, so the order was closed;
  • the seller or the customer canceled the order – in this case the there will be a refund.

Sometimes the “Order Closed” status appears right after the payment even though the product hasn’t been sent yet. The reason is that the seller hasn’t shipped the product because they have run out of it or some mistakes with the tracking number occurred. The seller can cancel the order. In this case AliExpress administration will close the order and you will automatically get a refund. It hardly takes more than 20 days.

Sometimes it happens so that your order is closed but you didn’t receive the product. The seller didn’t cancel the shipping. Why did it happen?

  • you accidentally confirmed delivery;
  • you held the dispute and it finished;
  • AliExpress closed the order as there was a suspicion of fraud.

If the order was closed by mistake or you don’t understand why it happened, contact AliExpress customer support. Be ready to present your evidence to get a refund.

What to Do If the Order on AliExpress Was Closed

Unfortunately, you can’t open a closed order. If the order was closed for any reason, there are no ways to open it again even if you contact AliExpress top management.

This is why don’t hurry to confirm receiving of the order. The product may be faulty and you will not be able to open the dispute and get a refund for the closed order. Be extremely careful when buying electronics: use it at least for 2-3 days and only then confirm the delivery of the order.

If you didn’t receive the product and the order is already closed, you can still get a refund. The most important is to take the screenshots to have any evidence.

How to Get a Refund if the Order Is Closed

Remember – it is not the sellers who close the orders on AliExpress, it is the arbitrators who do it. The seller can only cancel the shipment. The order isn’t closed in this case. During this period you can open the dispute and request a refund.

If you were charged for the order that was immediately closed – look for the notification about the refund. Most likely the order was closed for the security reasons and the seller was banned. In this case you will get a refund within 7-14 days.

You will never lose money for the closed order. AliExpress wouldn’t risk their reputation. You will get the refund anyway. Don’t be lazy to contact the customer support to make sure everything is fine. No matter what the reasons for closing the order were, the decision of the administration will be fair.

What Does “Order Closed for Security Reasons” Mean?

Recently there have been many complaints from the customers about closed orders with the newbie’s coupons. The administration explains it to be done for the security reasons. But there can be confusion on the website sometimes. It’s better to consult the customer support on how to use the coupons not to lose coupons and money.

Why does AliExpress close orders after the payment? The reason is the same – the seller seems suspicious to the administration. There is no need to worry – you will get your money back within two weeks in this case.

A Few Tips on Making Purchases on AliExpress

Here are some tips from Megabonus that will make your shopping pleasant and help you to avoid any disappointments:

  • check the statuses of the order in “My Orders” section on AliExpress at least once a week;
  • install Megabonus plugin showing the sellers’ reliability rate and helping to save money;
  • track the location of your parcel via tracking service from Megabonus;
  • don’t confirm the delivery of the order until you are not sure it is of high quality and operates fine.

Have great shopping and pleasant purchases on AliExpress with cash back!

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  1. So I placed an order on Aliexpress , the order is already shipped but never got my product and the 75 days protection already ended . I open a dispute and got an email I will get refund in 3 – 20 days and my order was closed . Will I still receive my parcel ? Please help me .

  2. I placed an order today, April 1st 2022, and within 5 mins the order was closed and my account was charged anyway. I went to the dispute tab to dispute it and get a refund, but AliExpress said that the order was “finished” and I could not dispute the calm How is that fair? I would like to receive my refund as soon as possible if the products will not be shipped to me.

  3. The payment for my order already deducted and i have proofs then it was closed due to security reasons within 5 minutes of the payment. I did not see anything saying i will be refunded. What should i do? I approach the customer service and they said no payment has deducted but its already deducted and its been 20 days i did not get my payment back and for me there is no option to open a dispute. Now what is all this ?

  4. Hello

    The payment for my order went throught then it was closed due to security reasons within 5 minutes of the payment. I did not see anything saying i will be refunded. What should i do?

  5. I place an order and payment was successful second’s later I got a notification message that says order was close because of security reasons and now my card was debited till now no refund more than 23 days ago I have not received my refund yet, I have tried every process the told me but none is working out, their customers service is not human rather Eva the robot that can’t solve anything all I get is no refund for this order, and card has been debited, please help to contact live customer service for my refund else I report AliExpress to human right.

  6. Hello 👋 I’m Kevin.
    I ordered a wallet from aliexpress on 16/11/2021 . I did the payment by using new user coupen and my debit card. I placed the order correctly and I got the notification of oder confirmation as well. But after few minutes I got a message saying “we had to close your oder due to security reason”. Now my order has been closed. But still I didn’t get back the money which I paid for that oder using my debit card. I sent lot of messages to the seller and tried lot to contact him to make aware about my issue. But still I didn’t get any satisfied reply from him. I think such irresponsible sellers are very harmful for the reputation of your company and I’m really disappointed with this incident. I don’t need to place that oder again. I just want to cancel that order and refund. Please let me know what should I do to get back my money.

    • Hello. We are sorry to hear about the issue. Normally, when the order is closed, the money is automatically returned within 15 days. Please make sure you used the real website of AliExpress and not a phishing website.

  7. I just pay it, and the order just clossed right away after payment, im checked order detail its couse security reason, and in the financial tab refund on proses, but i check in help centre there ia no refund story’ on my order, what i must do now ? Om realy afraid now for losing my money 😭

    • Hello. Order Closed means that your Buyer Protection time has expired. In such cases, the orders are automatically closed. If you didn’t get your orders, you have 15 days to open the dispute.

  8. I made an order, the payment went through and it was on hold with the status RISK_CONTROL for about 18 hours. Now it says FINISHED and upon checking, the order was “closed due to security reasons.” Hoping to get an automatic refund.

    • Open a dispute! Then chat with the seller. After opening the dispute if you and the seller could not come to a satisfied agreement within 14 days. Seller will be reported to the aliexpress administration. I think that is the only option you have now.

  9. What happened if I win a dispute for a late item and it is already shipped (not delivered yet) do I get it for free or they cancel the delivery and goes back to the seller?(is in the u.s already cause the seller sent me an screenshot but if I get a refund and the item arrives after that?

    • If you get a refund and then the item arrives, you can keep it, as if you decide to send it back to the seller, you will have to pay the shipping expenses. This will be not very cool for you.

  10. I cancelled two of my orders , and the reminder states I have cancelled the order that my money will be refunded after 3-20 days but I haven’t received my refund yet its 26th day now and the status shows closed.
    Pls help

  11. Seller “Briame C&J Store” closed my order and suggest I re-order, but their price for the same item is now much higher.
    It looks to me like they made a mistake on the original price and are backing out of the deal.

    • Sorry, we do not deal with AliExpress refunds, disputes and questions on specific orders in this blog. You need to contact the seller on AliExpress or the administration of this marketplace.

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