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Important Changes in Megabonus Extensions

Important Changes in Megabonus Extensions

Due to the changes in the AliExpress Terms from June 8, 2020, built-in blocks, notices, and push-ups are now forbidden on the pages on AliExpress. This is why the Seller Reliability block from Megabonus, as well as cash back sums will not be displayed on the pages of AliExpress anymore. Also, to activate cash back, you have to click on the icon of Megabonus extension first and click “Activate” inside the extension.

The full list of the features that will not be displayed on the pages of AliExpress:

  1. The activate cash back notice.
  2. The Seller Reliability block.
  3. The cash back sum for the given product.
  4. The Track Your Parcel button on the My Orders page.

Where to find the missing information?

The features will be moved to the extension to the full extent. What you can find in the extension already now:

  • Track the parcel. Open the extension, find the corresponding tab (in the bottom right corner with the parcel sign on it) and insert the tracking code you need to track. The tracking information will be displayed right in the Parcel Track window of the extension. Or you can always track your parcel on

megabonus parcel track

  • Activate cash back. Open the extension, find the store you want to buy from and press “Activate”.

activate cashback megabonus

When cash back is activated, the header of the extension and its icon will turn green.

cashback activated

With the help of the extension, you can also add the product to Smart Cart and learn its price change, create cash back links, and invite friends to shop with cash back.

Affiliated Products Check

Unlike the other features, this block became even more informative. You can remember that not long ago AliExpress made some products non-affiliated. In plain language, they don’t pay cash back for such items. Always check whether the product is affiliated or not before shopping.

Go to non-affiliated products check

The icons will help you quickly know what product you are browsing:

non-affiliated goods aliexpress

A non-affiliated product

Other helpful icons:

store not supported

Cash back is not available in the store

store not active

Cash back not activated

activated cash back megabonus

Cash back activated

Coming soon

Very soon we will show you a new solution for modern shopping on AliExpress that will help you to make the quickest, the smartest, and the most economical purchases in just several clicks. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to learn the latest ecommerce news!

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