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How to Return Money From AliExpress in Case the Product Didn’t Arrive

How to Return Money From AliExpress in Case the Product Didn’t Arrive

Anything can happen to the Chinese sellers from AliExpress. Sometimes the issues that cause unpleasant reviews published on AliExpress occur. But there are the solutions to mediate conflicts and tricky cases on AliExpress. They work perfectly because the management works hard on maintaining the status of a reliable online store. This is why the procedure called “Buyer Protection” was created on the platform. It guarantees the refund for any unfair loss that customers can face.

In this article, we will cover the case when the product didn’t reach its customer. It happens rarely, but still sometimes takes lace. The main question, in this case, is how to return the funds on AliExpress in case the product didn’t arrive.

There are several ways to handle this issue and we are going to highlight all of them.

Resolve the Issue Directly With the Seller

my orders aliexpress

Many sellers do care of their rating and reputation and this is why they are ready to meet half-way and are quite flexible when communicating with the customers. Go to “My Orders” section in your personal account. There is a “Contact Seller” button next to the order that you didn’t receive.

contact AliExpress seller

By clicking this button, you will be able to send a direct message to the seller and describe the problem.

Before contacting the seller, double check the tracking number and try tracking the parcel with it. If there is no information about your parcel in the tracking systems, make a screenshot and attach it to your message.

If the seller is adequate, they will give you an explanation and the possible options to solve the issue. They might be the following: wait some more time until they resend the product and give you the right tracking number that can be tracked; the seller can also offer you a refund or other possible solutions (there are many possible ways to solve the issue).

If the offered option isn’t suitable to you or you have run out of time or patience, you can move to the next step.

Open Dispute

Open Dispute on Order AliExpress

On the list mentioned above, there is an “Open Dispute” button. This is exactly what you need.

By clicking this button, you will get to the form that has to be filled in to open the dispute.

how to open dispute aliexpress

In the first point of the dispute you need to select the matter of the issue: specify whether you received the product or not. In our case, you need to select “No”.

The next point is specifying what the solution you’d prefer. Select “Full refund”. In the text field describe the situation in detail. Write that you ordered a product (don’t forget to specify the date), that your parcel can’t be tracked, and the order didn’t arrive at all. Attach a screenshot of the tracking results as evidence. And submit the dispute.

As soon as you send the Dispute request, you will have to wait for up to five days reserved for the seller to respond.

The seller can whether accept the dispute or decline it. He can also offer some options to negotiate or just ignore your request.

  • If the seller doesn’t respond to your request within the reserves time, you will automatically get the refund.
  • If the seller accepts the dispute, you will also get the refund.
  • If the seller doesn’t accept the dispute, you can escalate it.

Most often, the customers who didn’t receive their parcels win the disputes and get refunds. Both the sellers and AliExpress administration try to avoid getting negative reviews. The “Buyer Protection” system does work. The only bad news here is that you don’t get cash back on AliExpress if you request a refund.

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  1. Article has an ideal situation when everyone is honest and magically find a resolution. What if “your order was sent by AliExpress Shipping, your refund request will be automatically handled by us instead of the seller. ” ? Now, it is Aliexpress money to return and you can get a trouble getting them back. Fist of all, they will start to feed you with amazing solution: “Please continue to wait for XX days”, not once, not twice. Even if tracking information has zero updates from day one, they don’t care. Wait until you give up or magically order will arrive.
    Remember, any guaranteed 90 days delivery (or other terms) is a bullshit. Aliexpress doesn’t stay behind their statements.

    • 1. The refunds are always done by AliExpress, not the seller directly.
      2. Yes, you have to wait till the end of the Buyer Protection time. The refunds are made after it ends if open the dispute and attach all necessary evidence.

  2. at first sorry for my english. I registred on aliexpress but I close my bank card which I use to buy. but I have another one (card) in same acount. aliexpress must return back my money. will they return my money in same card ? or important is just an acount?

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