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How to Contact the Seller on AliExpress if You Have Already Made an Order

How to Contact the Seller on AliExpress if You Have Already Made an Order

In your opinion, what can you do when you have already made an order but suddenly realized you are not sure about the size or have specified the wrong address or you want another color or more some items to be added to the order? You are right – contact the seller as soon as possible until he sends the package. Usually it happens in 2-5 days from the date of the order. So, how to contact the seller if you have already made an order?

How to Send a Message to the Seller on AliExpress

Go to your personal account to “My Orders” section. You will see the envelope icon on the list of purchases with the “Contact seller” button next to each order. Click it.

contact seller from account AliExpress

You will get to the page where you can send a message to the seller.

You will find a text field here and the option of attaching images and adding emoji. The history of messages will be saved in the details section of your order.

Contact the Seller on the Store’s page

There is another way to contact the seller. To do it, go to the store’s page. On the main page you will see the envelope icon and the “Contact now” button.

contact the seller on the store page Aliexpress

You can also contact the seller in an online chat.

Remember, you will not be able to access the messages sent from the store’s page. So take a screenshot just in case. So it is better to contact the seller from your personal account as we told before. These messages will always be saved and you will be able to use the history in case of opening disputes.

What to Write in a Message

You can ask about the sizes of clothes, shoes, underwear or accessories. Besides, you can ask the seller for help to choose the right size. You can specify the correct address in your message to make sure the seller sends your parcel there. Write in English or use an online translator. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand each other as the sellers on AliExpress speak Chinese only. If you checked the seller’s rating and feedback and made sure you are dealing with a reliable person, then you will definitely get a reply. It might take a long to time to wait for the answer from the sellers with a low rating. Don’t be shy, ask questions. Now you know how to do it. And don’t forget about 4.91% you can get with the best cash back service for AliExpress – Megabonus.

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  1. Please would you let me know whether it is possible to have an item gift wrapped before it is packaged for shipping. Thank you.

  2. Hi I would like to cancel my order
    Number : 8173516719020500
    I want the kill switch , his only the lanyard
    please cancel my order for a refund.

  3. very satisfy with the amount of information available on line. I have never done any purchasing online but your information has given me boost my confidence. I want to have go on Aliexpress to shop for personal items

  4. Hello this is Sarah Smith Beyorplue 6835 16th St s 58104 I tried to order from this address from aliexpress but you guys are not allowing me to order and I don’t know why

  5. I have ordered since April 4. Every day I get updates that let me know that my things are on the way to be delivered. I have never seen them. I realized that the address is incorrect and I wanted to update the address.

  6. On April 6th, I was verifying my account, but I fell on the scale in the part of the receipt. And I saw the system saying that I received the scale is fake, I haven’t received it yet, please, I hope that I can find it read with all the rest of the things

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