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How Not to Lose Your Money on AliExpress. The Dispute Process Peculiarities

How Not to Lose Your Money on AliExpress. The Dispute Process Peculiarities

We created numerous articles on AlieExpress disputes. However, some readers of the blog report the problems they face while having an open dispute. So we decided to create a post on how not to lose an opportunity to get a refund when having a dispute and not to be tricked by dishonest sellers.

AliExpress dispute process 

There are the following conditions for opening a dispute on Aliexpress:

  • The order must be paid and sent. In case the order was not sent, you have to ask for its cancellation. 

To cancel the order that has not been sent, you have to go to My Orders, choose the order you want to cancel, and click “View Detail” above the product name. 

cancel aliexpress order

Press “Request Order cancellation” on the page that opens and choose the reason for cancellation in the pop-up window. 

request aliexpress order cancellation

We do not recommend choosing “Other reasons” without necessity. 

order cancellation reasons aliexpress

Then the seller decides whether they can accept the order cancellation. The sellers usually cancel unsent orders without problems. Or they send the order and provide you with the tracking code. 

Please note that now the seller has 9 days to decide whether they can ship the product, or not. It was 4 days before!

In case the order was sent and you didn’t get it or there are other problems with the product that arrived, you need to file a dispute. 

  • The dispute can be submitted when the Buyer Protection Timer is still on or within 15 days following its stop. Please mind this detail not to lose an opportunity to get a refund. 

File the dispute normally. Please check a full guide to disputes here. Then the dispute process goes as described in this post. Please study that post to know when and how to check and accept or reject the seller proposal and escalate the dispute.   

The common mistakes the customers make when having a dispute on AliExpress

The top list of the common mistakes the customer make are:

  1. The Buyer Protection Timer has run out and the dispute was not opened within 15 days following its stop. We have already written a lot about it, so let’s go further. 
  2. The customer doesn’t check the dispute’s status regularly and the dispute is closed in the sellers’ favor. Check the opened dispute daily and prove answers or additional information if necessary. Reject the seller proposal if it doesn’t suit you as soon as you get it to speed up the process. 
  3. No evidence provided. Always attach images, videos, or screenshots (of a faulty product, from the tracking service, your AliExpress account, etc.) to the dispute. This is obligatory in case the seller doesn’t accept your grounds. In this case, you will have to reject the seller’s offer in the dispute window and wait for the AliExpress team to step in. The screenshots will help the Aliexpress managers to see you are facing problems with the order and are not trying to cheat the seller. 
  4. Closing the dispute without a refund. Dishonest sellers often try to use all means to make the customer close the dispute. 

The trickiest scam schemes are the following:

  • The seller begs to close the dispute, as it can damage their reputation and promises to send you a refund/resend the product as soon as you close the dispute on AliExpress. 

Remember that in this case, you lose your customer protection from AliExpress. You will see neither the money nor the product. Reject such offers and wait for the decision of the Aliexpress team.

  • The seller provides you with the tracking code of a parcel delivered to another user (the issue was reported by a reader in the comments to this post). In this case, you can win the dispute if you prove that you used a correct shipping address when making the order. Attach screenshots from your Shipping information section on Aliexpress (your shipping information is also displayed on your order detail page and in the dispute), and screenshots from the tracking system. 

shipping address on aliexpress

  • Corresponding with the seller by email and in PMs and not providing necessary information/answers in the tab of the dispute. Remember that personal messages have nothing to do with the dispute, so use this reliable tool (the AliExpress dispute) to get your money back in case you are unhappy with your order!

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  1. Ali Express dispute system is a scam. I have not received my order. The tacking number says it has not shipped yet seller says it is held at customs. They refuse to provide proof that it has been shipped and refuse to provide customs documentation. The dispute assessors say that I have not provided proof that it is in customs so they reglfuse to refund me. I have spent 6 weeks reappealing and talking to their care centre explaining that unless they provide me with shipping, customs documents, it is impossible for me to ever find a parcel in customs or to give them what they ask for. They ignore everything I have sent them from screenshot to emails from the courier proving that there is no record of the parcel. They just keep sending me the same reply.
    All I can say is don’t do the same as me by allowing yourself to be drawn into their Web. They are dishonest and do not care one bit about the customer. I believe that they are making huge profits on non delivery. STAY AWAY FROM THE SCAMMERS

  2. I have only received half of my Ali Express order. I said I received the order but only got part of it. I opened up a dispute on Ali Express but they have changed the status to not received and closed the dispute. Saying it’s invalid? But I ordered 12 Brooches in total and was only sent X5 so now lost over £14

  3. Hi,
    I have returned a parcel but Hermes have lost it and have told me this in writing. They have said the seller needs to contact them but Aliexpress are still blaming me despite all the evidence I have sent. What can I do??

    • Hello. Normally, if all evidence is provided, the dispute is always resolved in favor of the customer. Was the dispute escalated? Are you are negotiating with an Aliexpress manager or the store? You need to refuse the store’s offer to let an AliExpress manager join the dispute.

  4. Aliexpress recently became a scam site, been a customer for about 7 years. My latest 3 disputes were rejected. First 2 I was sent garbage quality for high prices, and thought it’s a mistake fro Aliexpress.
    Latest order was shipped on 3 parcels, where one never arrived in 4 months. Tracking is clearly showing it didn’t arrive, yet I get dispute and it’s appeal rejected.
    I’m making charge back via the bank.
    Note everyone, do a charge back on that fraudulent Aliexpress. They obviously support scams for the last 2 years

  5. i didnt receive but the track number says delivered i opened despite and request refund
    i suppmeted an official email from jirdan pot office and website but still recovering email to provide official decument of lost parcel or parcel not paid

  6. Hi,
    I am in the Middle of a Dispute an is already 2 months when Aliexpress should send a mail to me to accept the proposal however no such a mail had been received. What shall I do?

  7. AliExpress is a straight scam. Even with all the evidence I provided they still went in favor of the seller. Even one of the sellers own photos helped my case and I still didn’t get my money back. Will never order again and will be filing a complaint and definitely getting my money back. I don’t give up

  8. I have been scammed too.
    AliExpress seller agreed his fault and accepted to return. Now the problem is I have to pay the freight which is double than the product price. Freight charges will not be refunded.
    Now I have to keep the item which is a garbage now.

  9. I have been scammed by a seler and Aliexpress still favaoured the seller and only offered a small refund compared to what i was owed. Even with the evidence I showed that only part of the product was sent. Never again to buy from that site.

  10. Sounds like aliexpress specialises in slight of hand scams.
    Have paid twice for same product and still failed to get delivery

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