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How to Complain About a Seller or a Product on AliExpress

How to Complain About a Seller or a Product on AliExpress

Unfortunately, the AliExpress administration is not always able to check how honest a seller is. There are tens of thousands of sellers on the platform and several millions of customers. This is why customers sometimes have to catch dishonest sellers by themselves and then pass them to the AliExpress administration.

First of all, it’s worth figuring out who to complain about a dishonest seller. Legal bodies won’t take this kind of complaint. So who to contact in this case?

All contentious situations are solved by the AliExpress administration. Don’t worry about AliExpress being biased. Its main goal is to keep the trust of customers so all complaints are carefully examined. The Buyer Protection service of AliExpress will never stand on the side of the seller if they are wrong. But customers can be blocked as well if they make false complaints.

AliExpress is a platform helping customers find different products and sellers to sell their goods. The goal is to unite both sides and make their collaboration clear and fair. So if you suspect a seller of being dishonest, it’s worth contacting the AliExpress administration and ask for help.

How to Open the Dispute on AliExpress

One of the methods to complain about the seller’s actions is to open the dispute. The customer can indicate if they received a product and what are its faults. You can specify the amount of the refund and other details when opening the dispute.

AliExpress order details

  1. Go to the “My Orders” section.
  2. Select the necessary order.
  3. Click “Details”.
  4. Click “Open dispute”.

open dispute on Aliexpress

Make sure to specify the reason why you’d like to get a refund. Ideally, attach a screenshot of the faulty product. In case you didn’t receive a product at all, attach a screenshot of the tracking information of this order.

If the seller is an honest one, they will agree with the customer and will do their best to satisfy the customer’s needs. They will either send the product again or provide a refund.

Tip: don’t close the dispute until you get the refund or the right product. No matter how appealing the seller is, always stick to mediating such conflicts via disputes. This way you will always be able to ask the AliExpress administration for help. Read our detailed guide to AliExpress disputes to succeed.

Can a dispute be opened if the order is already closed? Yes, if no more than 15 days have passed. Otherwise, it’s going to be complicated to open the dispute. You will have to contact the support team and explain why you still want to open the dispute even if the term expired.

The dispute can also be opened in case the seller didn’t send the product. Feel free to fill out a complaint as soon as a week from the date of payment has passed. Before you do it, it’s worth contacting the seller and finding out the reason for the delay. It could be that there was no product in the warehouse or the product was faulty. If you can wait, there is no need to open the dispute.

But if the seller accepted an order but didn’t send it and doesn’t answer your messages, you can either contact the support right away and open the dispute or wait. Check the Buyer Protection timer an extend it if necessary in the last case! Then AliExpress will automatically cancel the dispute and you will get a refund.

How to Complain about the Seller if You didn’t Receive the Product

The steps are the same – you open the dispute and mention that you didn’t receive the order. Indicate the sum of the refund. Keep in mind that you won’t get a refund for the delivery.

How to File a Complaint about the Seller After the Dispute was Closed

Sometimes the dispute is closed (accidentally or intentionally) but the issue with the product still persists. In this case, it is going to be complicated to prove your point and get a refund as when the dispute is closed, it can’t be reopened.

The only option left is to file a complaint about the seller. It is possible only if you can prove their misconduct or poor quality of the product.

Remember: if you file a complaint groundlessly, you may be blocked on the website.

Possible reasons for filing a complaint:

  • copyright infringement;
  • product is prohibited to ship;
  • violation of AliExpress terms (price discrepancies, etc.).

How to File a Complaint about the Specific Product?

There is a “Report item” button in the Overview section of the product under the product picture. Click it to get to the complaint page.

report item on AliExpress

Then click “Send report” and fill in the form.

Describe your complaint in detail and attach the evidence (screenshots or photos). The form will be sent to the Buyer Protection department of AliExpress.

types of AliExpress item reports

So there are 2 ways to complain about a dishonest seller: a dispute and a complaint. Remember, that any complaint must be grounded. Otherwise, you may be blacklisted.

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  1. Shop1100215787 store, the after my order has been shipped, the seller canceled the order,
    Tyiyk store, I ordered for 8 female bag, since the day I ordered til date no tracking information and I’m yet to receive the package, the worst thing is that they are not reading my message nor replying
    Shop54010557, no tracking number for what I ordered
    Cheng xiaao store, they canceled 2 item out of 4 that I ordered ,
    Why is Ali express doing this, I’m getting frustrated.

  2. Aopuly sports store is is yet to ship my item which I ordered for since on Monday, not tracking information also, this is so annoying…please Ali express should do something about them

  3. Awful service. I ordered a product that came and was faulty. I tried to return it but the seller would not provide postage. I have tried going through ali express and been told several times a refund would be processed, then a month later told I needed to fill out a special appeal to get my money back without sending the product back now 4 months later they are refusing to pay me and saying I need to send the items back at my own cost from UK to China even though they were faulty and negotiatiate with a seller that won’t respond to do so. 4 months and over £200 and over 20 times online with their help service and all I get is lies Nd promises that never materialise. Absolutely disgusting

  4. Ali express . I waited over 3 months for my item which I expected then I received confirmation that it was delivered however it was not then I kept getting emails saying it is coming soon which it never did and I am unable to dispute. I think that they are nothing but a big scam. It was a 20 dollar lesson

  5. Casslow hair wigs store is a scam , please AliExpress do your investigation on that store, also I want my refund because I didn’t receive the hair and the seller is dishonest

  6. Pls l ordered ear ring from AliExpress with ID 8146396148064761, l have not receive it up to now , where they informed it had reached to my country

  7. Can someone please tell me how to complain about a product and seller to Aliexpress once the 15 days has passed and you can’t open a dispute.

  8. I won dispute over two months ago and message shows bank prossing refund and over two months no refund .AliExpress need to solve this problem where is my refund howlong should I wait

  9. Absolutely disgusting service from Aliexpresx will never buy from this site again. I returned an item I have provided evidence several times and Hermes have admitted liability in writing to me. The seller needs to claim against Hermes for losing rather have told me this and it clearly states it on the Hermes website as the contract is with the seller not me. I have provided a screen shot of the Hermes email stating they have lost it and I have still been refused a refund. Utterly disgusting service the term customer service is a misnomer for this company. I have never encountered such bad service and will never use this site again.

  10. ho acquistato due profumi per accedere alla promozione cash back di Social good, il sistema mi ha lasciato ovviamente lasciato pagare i prodotti con la mia carta di credito ma il mio ordine e’ stato chiuso per motivi di sicurezza di non so cosa; al momento il mio ordine si visualizza come chiuso ma nessuno mi ha ancora restituito i soldi degli acquisti. Premetto che non ero obbligato a comprare da loro ma c era un cash back del 100%quindi ho speso 40sterline che non so come riavere.

  11. What can I do if confirm by extending testing only after the expiry of the Buyer protection period (and period to open a dispute) that a battery or electronic component is an absolute junk. And the seller or seller does not allow me to post any (more) feedback/reviews. How and where can I post a warning to other buyers to not waste money and buy that product? Why is there not a possibility for a buyer to edit or add to their feedback at a later time, possibly multiple times?

  12. I gave been-asking in SIX EMAIL WHERE MY Magician’S Table Pocket Magic Tricks An Artifact Bag Close Up Accessories Gimmick Props Easy To Set Up Hold Small Stuff Magic IS AND NOBODY GIVES A DAMN

  13. Complaint No action was taken to address consumer concerns. And don’t understand why Alibaba/AliExpress group allow Malicious Sellers to list their products here?

    I wrote to the reporting email address to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the online sales platform. The online sales platform staff does not bear their responsibility of AliExpress’s commitment for consumers’ 75-Day Buyer Protection “Money Back Guarantee” Promised by AliExpress. Their staff were negligent in investigating consumer complaints about purchased products and products delivered to consumers by sellers that “the items received is Not as Described”. The staff failed to implement and thoroughly investigate the reports submitted by consumers. I hope that my complaint here can arouse the attention of AliExpress Management and give consumers a fair treatment.

  14. I ordered a phone a month back and delivered to me two weeks ago and the product not the same as I expected and it’s not functioning well please assist

  15. A seller posted an ad for what was clearly described with pictures as complete lcd screens with frames for a samsung s7edge. The price was very low so i ordered 2, which i needed. The seller claimed the order was for screen protectors only. My order said differently and if referenced still states LCDs. To try and cover their mistake i was sent an empty envelope and their solution was to refund me, I did not accept that but they refunded me anyway. I have been trying to get Ali express customer service to help me with not nuch luck. Apparently a person or company can put whatever they please on the ads and take your money and shio whatever they like. What can I do about this? Aliexpress are not much help. It would be like me advertising a Ferrari taking the asked price and sending a Ford or more like a windshield wiper. Also Good luck trying to converse with a real person. Automated dummies is all you get.

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