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How to Open a Dispute on AliExpress. A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Open a Dispute on AliExpress. A Step-by-Step Guide

AliExpress provides a “Buyer Protection” program that guarantees the quality of goods and services. In case the products don’t meet the criteria of quality, AliExpress makes a refund.

To take benefit of this program and receive compensation for a faulty product or poor service, you need to open a dispute.

How to open dispute

Log in to your AliExpress account

To open a dispute, log in to AliExpress and go to “My Orders”. Here you will see the details on all your AliExpress orders.

my orders aliexpress

The button “Open Dispute” will to the right of the product’s name. It’s available for both open and finished orders.

order details aliexpress

Check the “Purchase Protection” timer

You can see the period of the purchase protection on the “View Detail” page. To go to it, press the link above the order in question. The refund is impossible when purchase protection runs out.

order protection aliexpress

Before opening a dispute, always make sure there is enough time to hold a dispute. You need to have at least 15 days on this timer.

extend order protection aliexpress

Select an order

Choose the problem order in the orders’ list and press the “Open Dispute” button. It’s displayed in My Orders section as soon as the order is sent by the seller (you can check it in the “Logistics information”. The “Departure from Warehouse” note means the order has been already sent).

Fill in the dispute form

By clicking on the “Open Dispute” button you go to the dispute form you have to fill in. Select the checkboxes that describe your problem best. There are all possible reasons of AliExpress disputes listed. Choose the one which is most relevant to you.

step-by-step tutorial how to open dispute on aliexpress

If you didn’t receive the product, it is easy to open a dispute. You simply put “No” in the first question and choose “Full Refund”.

If you received the goods and you doubt their quality (size or other points), then mention that you received the order. Select a relevant reason of the dispute in the second question.

The “Open Dispute” form is available in different languages. You need to fill in the text field in English. Remember that Chinese sellers (or AliExpress management) might have difficulties understanding you if you use other languages. Of course, they use online translators, but everyone knows how inaccurate the result may be.

Pay attention to the “Add attachments” field. You can use it to attach a few files. You need to present evidence of your problem (that’s why it’s always important to film the process of unpacking goods from online stores or at least take photos). Attach some pictures of faulty goods showing that the size is wrong or the other characteristics differ from those indicated in the description. The evidence is very important for receiving a refund.

Wait for the seller’s reply

After filling in the dispute form and sending the application, the next step follows. All you have to do it wait for the seller’s reply. What can be his answer?

  • The seller might keep silent (within 5 days from the moment of opening the dispute) or agree. Either of the variants means you won the dispute and the refund procedure has already begun.
  • Make a counteroffer.

The offer may suit you: then you agree (by clicking the “Agree” button). If you are going to agree, make sure that the conditions are clear to you, and the seller has not made any changes to the application. Sometimes sellers change the refund amount to $0. If you agree, the dispute is closed, and you get nothing. Sometimes sellers make some promises, you agree, and eventually the sellers disappear. So not to be fooled, first get what the seller promises, and then agree to his offer.

The offer may not suit you. If you did not reach an agreement, let’s consider the next step.

Dispute Escalation

This button appears as soon as the seller answers. This button is exactly what you need. Remember that you can’t make any changes when you escalate the dispute. The case goes to AliExpress representatives. The “Judges” might examine your case for several weeks.

They may request additional information from you and the seller. You will always have some time to provide it (don’t forget to check the timer). We recommend checking the status of the dispute once a day.

The seller may also make new offers while the case is being reviewed. You can accept or refuse them.

AliExpress decision

After all the necessary evidence has been provided, all you can do is to wait for the “verdict”. You will receive an email when the decision is made.

It’s easy to win a dispute and get a refund if you fill in the application properly and provide all the necessary evidence. Unfortunately, if you get a refund, cash back from AliExpress is cancelled.

We wish you good luck and honest sellers on your way!

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  1. My name is Regina sekyibea my order number is 8161622876263169. Please I ordered this item 15/01/23 and estimated time is 05/02/23, but up to now I didn’t get any information about the delivery. Please cam you let me when it will come or if you don’t have some

  2. I made an order and debited on aliexpress but I can’t find the comfirming receipt so I canceled the order and can’t get my money back when will it be

  3. This is not good. Shop is gone, not received my goods. All links has dead end. I loose my money. Product did not arrive.

  4. This is my first time to purchase from AliExpress and the product did not arrive. How come I don’t see “Open Dispute” button in the order detail as described above?

  5. My parcel is listed as delivered on the tracking however I never received my parcel. My dispute was rejected on ali express since the tracking shows delivered. Now what? Postage company admit they do not know where my parcel is however they say I can not open a claim with them only the sender can but my ali sender is not bothering since it is listed as delivered.

  6. Hi i opened dispute and send item back for ful refund and seler writes – you should fill the tracking number into dispute , then you will get refund via dispute – i dont see where to fill


    • When you open the dispute, the seller must step in first. In case you do not find a solution with him, you have to escalate the dispute (refuse the offer) and then the member of the AliExress team will step in.

  8. You should emphasis the fact that it is actually possible to upload more than 3 pictures and a block of text, by simply submitting and repeating the same process. You’ll pile the evidences and and messages, and it works. I have force cashbacked myself so bad on counterfeit goods Aliepxress sellers that they’ve terminated my account. Will just open a new one lol 😀

  9. I tried opening a dispute for an order with full refund as goods not received. But I can’t it is showing goods on the way. I noticed this after I told the seller I was opening a dispute. Buyer’s protection is remaining 11 days, so I extend it?

    • Hello. If you are going to open the dispute, you should not extend the Buyer Protection Timer. As soon as the Timer stops, you will be able to open the dispute. Make sure not to miss the time: the dispute can only be opened within 15 days following the end of the Buyer Protection time.

  10. Hi
    My order showed a value of 47 euro on the customs declaration – ridiculous by the seller and Customs duly charged me over 30 Euro. I was also charged 10 Euro by the local delivery company – despite AliExpress saying delivery was free.
    They arbitrated my complaint with zero refund for me.
    The shippers dishonesty about the cost of the item and the extra shipping charge was also dishonest.
    I recently started shopping on Ali Express – this is the last time I will.

  11. Company: GUNAI Electric Bikes:

    I’m in a dispute with the Company, GUNAI , that I bought my bike off in July. After sending me the wrong one originally it took over a week before I’d settled on the Bike they’d sent. I actually didn’t ride it until late in August because we were away on holiday .
    After riding it about 6-7 times the power suddenly cut out. It showed a code EO7.
    I informed the company the next day and they told me they would send out a new motor and a video showing ME how to fix it.
    I thought about this for a few days and then decided I wasn’t confident in doing this myself. I am a 69 year old man with NO repair or other sort of experience.
    I asked them on Wednesday night if I could instead, send the bike back..I would pay postage…and get them to do the repair or replacement.
    I was told NO.
    I Paid just under £1000.00 for a bike I’ve used less than 10 rides.
    I am a pensioner with a low income and have saved for a long time to buy this bike. I just feel I’ve been scammed ( that maybe a harsh term but that’s how I am feeling ) by the company GUNAI .
    I have kept ALL my text conversations with them , on which ,by the way, they admit it’s a faulty motor and at one stage the person I was talking actually asked me ” if you had a phone for 2 months do you think you could send it back if it stopped working !!!!!! )
    I told him Id be covered for 12 months in the EU. He just basically laughed .
    What can I do now. I feel absolutely desperately ,I have a bike that isn’t running…and I’ve lost nearly£1000.00
    Thank you for your time, Geoff Bury

    • Dear Geoff,

      We are really sorry to hear about the issue. The only way to get a refund on Aliexpress if through opening the dispute no later than 15 days following the end of the Buyer Protection Time. Sometimes, they also offer a repair guarantee in your country (in this case, it’s listed under the product specifications, is paid and you should check the box before making the order).

  12. Hello my order says order completed but didn’t receive my parcel.. I have 3 days till the buyer protection run out.. What should I do? Please help.. I tried to open dispute but i says wait until the timer runs out!

  13. Hello my order says order completed but i didn’t receive my parcel.. I have 3 days till the buyer protection run out.. What should I do? please help.. I can neither open the dispute it says wait till the time is over.

  14. Hi I have bought a lot and with somethings incant start a despite because it says logistic information and won’t go any further I have stupidity bought a lot of things and tryed doing desputes and decline also bought knifes and they are flick knifes you can’t tell when buying and had to take to police to be safe

  15. Daughter bought a wig not as described the seller asked her to raise a despite to say product not wanted when in face the product is not as described she is young and trust everyone 70 pounds this wig cost I would like full refund

    • You can only get a refund through the dispute on Aliexpress, so use this option if you have not run out of time (you can open the dispute within 15 days following the date when the order was closed).

    • If the order is complete and it was closed less than 15 days ago, go to My Orders and click View Detail above the corresponding order. Scroll the page and ask for a full refund. Attach the screenshots proving the package is stuck.

  16. Hello. I ordered since 13th June and my expected delivery time is exceeded but I didn’t receive my item. Could you please clarify that 15 days for open dispute is included in 90 days buyer protection or can we make open dispute after 90 days? Thank You Very Much.

  17. Hello. Can you help me?
    On the aliexpress platform I no longer have the option to open a dispute. Where orders are there is no longer Buttons “open dispute”. Thanke you

    • There’s the button. It exists all the time. Go to my Orders, choose the order you want to open the dispute for and click View Details. Scroll the page down, the button will be there.

  18. It’s been 2 months after the item shipped and it is still in transit. I afraid it already lost?!??. I tried to open dispute but after I clicked ”No” I haven’t received item. There won’t let me submit while there is a Msg that I tem still in transit. What to do???

  19. They give 1st solution but the 10days is finish already. And the item is in wrong destination countryside now they now reply me 6days past.

  20. I am disgusted with how shemeida has dealt with me.. i buried both my parents November 2019.. the wig l purchased.. was terrible.. i sent it back by royal mail.. with paying return conformation .. ali express recieved it on the 19th December 2019.. i paid £113 for it
    .. and im still waiting waiting for my money to be refunded… she beg me not to leave a bad review.. and i haven’t yet.. but i am going to start now!!!!!

  21. This is all very well as long as the goods fail before the 15 days or the seller even bothers to answer your dispute. In my case both occured and neither the seller nor Aliexpress will reply to my complaints.

  22. where is “Purchase Protection” timer on the view details page. you have highlighted how to extend the protection. but where is the real “Purchase Protection” timer.

    • Now it looks a bit different. To see how many days are left before the order is automatically closed, check the order status on the orders page in the line of the order in question. It has the clock sign and says “Your order will be closed in:… .” If the time expires and the product didn’t arrive, extend the timer as we described before.

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