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New Megabonus Extension: Your Best Online Shopping Assistant!

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New Megabonus Extension: Your Best Online Shopping Assistant!

As we wrote in this article, on June 8, 2020, AliExpress changed their terms related to extensions’ functionality on their website. So, as you might have noticed, some useful blocks from Megabonus (Seller reliability, Cash back sum for the product, Parcel track, as well as the pop-ups that reminded you to activate cash back) are not displayed on AliExpress pages anymore.

Do not worry! We cannot leave you without these useful features for safe and economical purchases online. Meet the new Megabonus extension! We worked a lot and we hope we managed to make it even more user-friendly and helpful. We hasten to add that none of the features disappeared. They were moved from the interface of AliExpresss to the extension. Moreover, we added some more great solutions!

Where can I download the new extension?

To get access to all new features, you have to install or reinstall Megabonus extension. After the installation is complete, activate the extension and press its icon in the top right corner of the browser. To the left, there will the navigation menu, and to the right – the information on each section.

megabonus extension menu

The menu includes the following sections:

  • About the store.
  • About the product.
  • My cash back.
  • My collections.
  • My parcels.

Above the menu there are: an avatar, your level in the Loyalty Program and the quick buttons: Settings, Notifications. Below the menu you can see helpful hints on the extension and the link to the Help section.

The settings

megabonus extension settings

This section will help you to:

  • Change language settings.
  • Enable/disable cash back activation reminders.
  • Enable/disable hints on cash back in the stores you can see on Google and Yandex search pages.
  • Switch on/off cash back notifications.

About the store

megabonus seller check

Here you can:

  • Learn whether there’s cash back in the store you are browsing.
  • See whether cash back is activated or activate it. Press the button above the store name in the extension. The color of the button will change from red to green when cash back is successfully activated. When the button is grey, it means you cannot get cash back in this store.
  • See cash back rates and terms.
  • The Seller Check block is also on this page. It will help you quickly learn whether the store is worth buying from and what customers think of the product you are browsing.
  • Find active promo codes.
  • Write a store review.
  • Invite your friends to join and shop smart with Megabonus. You will get extra cash back for their purchases.
  • Browse the list of the stores you bought from and the stores popular among Megaabonus users.

About the product

activate megabonus cash back

Go to any product page and open this section in Megabonus extension. Here you can activate cash back before buying, add the product to a collection and see its price dynamics (in case you added the product to the Smart Cart before).

On this page there are also:

  • The Similar products block.

similar products aliexpress

  • The “Add to Smart Cart” button.
  • The store’s and the product’s real customer ratings.

Quick links

The “My cash back”, “My collections”, and “My parcels” buttons will help you quickly go to the corresponding sections/services.

We made our best to develop a really simple and handy solution for economical online shopping. We hope you enjoy it. Please share your opinion in the comments below and help us improve our services and make them even more useful to you!


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