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AliExpress Appeal Process Explained

AliExpress Appeal Process Explained

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  1. Ali Express resolved the dispute order 8136324328903263, after resolving the issue the partial amount 68.98 USD to be refunded in my credit card account within the next 20 working days by AliExpress. But unfortunately/ mistakenly AliExpress detected 68.98 USD from my credit card yesterday 02-09-2021. It is requested please check the record and refund the extra amount deducted from my credit card.

  2. Hi

    Do you know who can help when Ali xpress didn’t agree to provide refund despite the fact that the seller actually confirmed they couldn’t send the item but is refusing to refund?


  3. That’s all very interesting but at the end you say ‘contact customer services’ .. HOW? There is no email address or phone number for AliExpress customer service and the only way you can try to get your point across is via Eva the BOT and that’s as useless as talking to my cat. The fact is AliExpress is fine when everything is going okay but when it’s no there’s no one you can contact for help and you are more or less on your own in trying to sort it out with the seller which again is usually a useless exercise.

    • Not true. Yes talking to seller is useless. What you have to do is dispute the order and provide pictures and if it helps also video of the issue. If it’s non delivery then just dispute about it having no tracking information! If tracking shows it arrived to another address then pay extra attention cos it means the seller is fraudulent and used another customer’s tracking number! Then point out the fact that you don’t live in that city!

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