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How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund on AliExpress after You Cancelled the Order

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund on AliExpress after You Cancelled the Order

Rarely, unpleasant things can happen to AliExpress customers. Sometimes it is the fault of the customers themselves, sometimes it is the sellers who are to be blamed. It is not so important what the reason is. The thing is that anyone can get into an unpleasant situation.

There is good news: AliExpress created a way to resolve any issue. You can get your money back. There are two ways to get a refund: cancel the order or open the dispute.

When Will You Get a Refund after You Cancelled the Order on AliExpress

Officially, the refund time is from one to three weeks from the date of closing the order. Usually, the refund is processed within 5-10 days. If you paid for the order via an electronic wallet, you will get your money faster. Processing the funds on the bank cards might take longer time.

How to Cancel the Order

There is an important condition for the order cancellation: if the order hasn’t been shipped yet, you have a chance to get a refund. The “Cancel Order” button is available until the cancellation is possible.

Clicking this button, you will see a short questionnaire you need to fill in. The purpose of the questionnaire is to find out the reason why you want to cancel the order. There are many options there starting from your disappointment to making the order by mistake. We recommend specifying that you were wrong and you made the order by mistake.

This reason usually is accepted by the sellers. There is a text field in the application. You can use it to describe a situation.

If the seller accepts the application, you will see that the order has the “Finished” status now. It means that the money will be refunded to the wallet or the card you used to pay for the order in a while.

The Seller Doesn’t Accept the Cancellation

Sometimes the sellers don’t want to accept the cancellation (because it means that they will lose money) and this is why they keep silent. And when the time for sending the parcel is up, they say that they have already shipped the parcel and give the tracking number. In this case it can be difficult to get a refund.

First of all, check the tracking number. If it is tracked, then you can’t cancel the order, unfortunately.

If the tracking number can’t be tracked, you can open the dispute and catch the seller in a lie. There is no guarantee you will get a refund because the case is uncertain.

This is why we keep saying – check the seller’s rating and the number of his orders BEFORE making an order. You can see all the necessary information with Megabonus cashback extension installed and activated. You can always negotiate the things with a reasonable seller and, therefore, get a refund.

Keep in mind that you lose your cash back for the purchase on AliExpress from Megabonus if you cancel the order.

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  1. I find it so hard to use Aliexpress! All upsell. No info on my returned item nor my refund. I expect MUCH better from companies I do business with.

  2. Question I placed an order it is still active, the seller says that he shiped the order and placed a tracking number but for a while now (more than a week) i cant track it the company they send it with doesnt have any information about the shipment. I tryed to comunicate with the same companys workers in my country but they dont have any information about it eather. the seller says that he shiped it and asks me to wait longer that there may be a problem with logistics, i understand that but the other orders that i made from other sellers allready arrived. (Shiped from germany) I agreed and told the seller that i will wait calmly a few days more hoping that i will get the shipment or see the shipment tracking. Any advice on that? should i open a despute or ask for a refund in this case? thank you order ID 8145883919632733

  3. Buying from aliexpress nowdays can be tricky, to many scammers. and if the complain case is accepted by aliexpress , refund will be 30% of the total amount! So watchout and goodluck !
    Сегодня покупка на aliexpress может быть сложной задачей для многих мошенников. и если жалоба будет принята aliexpress, возврат составит 30% от общей суммы! Так что будьте осторожны и удачи!

  4. I need to expose how AliExpress (AE) is cheating on customers. My first ever order#8139314557456792 (5 items in total) was purchased from Aiovlo Official store under AE. They’re offering an item as a new user bonus but when I purchased, those were at over 10 times the price advertised. Hence, I returned the items within 2 days of receiving the product. AE received the item on 23/10/2021 with tracking# 00893499680099139485 / PHGCMRL4 and still, they are denying that they received the items. Dispute and appeal have been closed without refunding me. Now they have my money with them and their items. I checked with Parcel Point and they confirmed in an email that Ali Express certainly received the items back. This fraudulent action by AE is not new and they are cheating the customer who is unhappy with their crappy items and wants to get a refund. There is no way that I can escalate this matter to get my refund. On top of that, the stupid bot EVA is now not letting me appeal more than once. Guys, see how fraudulent AliExpress can be! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM BUYS IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY TO GO TO WASTE FOR NOTHING. THEY ARE MAKING PROFITS BY KEEPING THE RETURNED ITEMS AND WITH MY MONEY BY NOT REFUNDING.

    See the proof attached in photos.

    • Payment methods in AliExpress depend on your country of residence. Log in and go to your AliExpress account, add a product to the cart and visit it to see the payment methods available. This will be by far the quickest way to check the information.

  5. I have ordered some packages on aliexpress, since two month there is no any update about packages, tracking not updating, I opened a dispute now it is near to 20 days ,dispute is still investigation pending situation, how many days take to get my refund?

  6. Dear sir so many issuesd refund not transfer in my dibet card account how can plz help me bank telling that contect to Ali express he is Athorise of this meter plz help me

  7. Hello, the seller immediately told me the item was out of stock. I asked for a refund and I see the order was closed. When I click on the financial tab, it says refund processing. How long until I get the refund in my account?

  8. I have a question what if I cancelled the product already and the seller agreed to cancel it do I need to wait to get my refund or once they accepted it my money will go through my bank real quick?

  9. Hello I tried to make an official complaint against AliExpress because I have not received my order but my email saying didn’t delivered because they receiving a lot of says delivered but I never had a notice from royal mail so how is possible is delivered when I don’t have it I have made an official complaint against royal mail and reported to police as I have CCTV on my building and although I opened dispute AliExpress doesn’t refund my money. I need your help on this.

  10. Hello so I ordered from this seller and they did not respond at all so i noticed and cancelled and they never messaged me even after i did that. So i contacted the help team and they told me that if the seller does not agree to cancel i will get my refund in 3 days automatically. Is that true? Will i get my money back?


  12. i have cancelled my order and the seller as accepted and i have still not received my refund to my credit card its been 7 days. what do i do

  13. i did one mistake order from my cart , same day i cancel my order , my bank card was saved on aliexpress application , how i will get refund to my bank account or i should give any other electronic wallet. pls reply

  14. If I canceled my order and the seller accepted the cancel, does the money get refunded automatically or do I need to request the refund?

  15. Hello, I ordered and paid for a machine.A moth has passed and now the seller wants me to cancell my order because he can not ship it.Which one is better: cancell the order, or wait for the given time for the shipment finishes and then they automatically give a refund because they didn’t ship it.thank you

  16. I request refund from a seller who was trying to scamm me,I provide evidence to aliexpress and they accepted my request But more than a month now and is still showing Refund processing.

  17. Please I order phone but the phone didn’t come,I asked the seller why after a month because usually it takes ten days for me to receive something from France to Italy but the seller ask me to give him more days because he has

  18. ive open the dispute and the seller accepted it, so what will happen next? its been a week and i didn’t receive my money, it only says that the dispute finished

  19. ive open the dispute and the seller accepted it, so what will happen next? its been a week and i didnt receive my money, it only says that the dispute finished

    • What did the seller offer you? Did you accept their offer? If yes, then it’s normal that the dispute was closed.

  20. I ordered a laptop screen, then the seller shipped the product but to some extend he wants another fee so that he will send the product. Is this a scam to get more money?

    • Hello. Yes, the seller should not ask for more money when the order is placed and paid.

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