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Most Advantageous AliExpress Currency

Most Advantageous AliExpress Currency

There is no other online platform in the world that is as cheap and convenient as AliExpress. Anyone who visited this marketplace at least once knows how addictive it is. As the resource is international, the measures ensuring your financial safety are really important. Every customer should decide which AliExpress payment options are the best to use and what details should be taken inti account when choosing a currency to pay on AliExpress.

How to change currency on AliExpress

Before making purchases you should select AliExpress currency in the settings of website. It’s better to choose the currency of your bank account. You will always know the exact amount you will be charged if you choose the currency of your bank card. Otherwise, you might be rudely surprised by the fees for additional conversions, as you won’t know the exact amount of the fee in advance.

Country aliexpress selection

Almost all world currencies are available on AliExpress. We also recommend to select your country to learn the shipment cost and to be able to see special offers available for your territory.

Avoid double conversion that might result in a loss of considerable amount. For example, you live in the UK and have a bank card in Euro and you choose a U.S. Dollar as your AliExpress payment method. In this case, your bank will convert euros into dollars at its conversion rate. The loss of money is inevitable.

What payment methods are available on AliExpress?

You can also choose a payment method when you make an order. The most popular AliExpress payment options are:

  • Bank cards. The most popular and the fastest method of payment on AliExpress. You just have to add your card and pay as always. If you return an item to the seller, the money will be automatically returned to the card you paid with.
  • Paypal. Available on Alibaba and in some, but not all AliExpress stores.
  • Mobile phone balance. To use this method you need to have the necessary amount on your balance. The method is available only for the residents of Russia. There is an important disadvantage – the fee starting from 0.5% (depending on the mobile operator)
  • AliExpress bank transfer. The least convenient payment method. The disadvantages are: high fees (more than 20 dollars), and the single currency available is the U.S. Dollar.

AliExpress also offers a number of other payment methods that would suit residents of almost any country in the world. You can find a full list of AliExpress payment options here in the AliExpress help section.

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