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How to Track Your Order on AliExpress

How to Track Your Order on AliExpress

We have prepared some tips for those who ordered the product from AliExpress and want to track their parcel. There are so many requests on tracking parcels.

Although the customers usually know that a package is delivered within 60-90 days, they start to worry in 15-20 days. Some customers even start panicking and try to find out where their parcel is. So, how to track a parcel from AliExpress?

There is nothing complicated. Be patient and follow the instruction:

  1. Get the tracking number from the seller.
  2. Find out where your parcel is with the help of the tracking number. Use one of the services we highlighted in this article.
  3. If the number is tracked – keep tracking.

If the number is not tracked, contact the seller and follow the tips we will tell about below.

So, first of all you have to get the tracking number from the seller. This is a code that is assigned to a parcel by the postal service.

Where to Get the Tracking Number on AliExpress

This code is provided by the seller within 5-10 days from the date of payment. The sellers have 5-10 days to get to the post office and send the package.

The tracking number appears on the Order detail page in 2-3 days after the shipment of the product. Click “Track Order” next to the Oder number to go to this page.

tracking number AliExpress

You will see the tracking number there.

What Do You Need to Know about the Tracking Number?

There are several different formats of the tracking codes depending on the parcel’s weight, the type of shipment and the postal service.

The common standard looks like this: RF204314795CN. 2 Latin characters in the beginning specify the type of the shipment, 2 characters in the end define the country of origin and the numbers are the unique number of the shipment. Such numbers are assigned to international parcels by the postal services of any countries. These tracking numbers are only tracked by the postal service of the specific countries and by Megabonus service.

Shipment Tracking by Megabonus –

Megabonus parcel track

Besides, there are always random tracking numbers that are assigned by the private courier services. They may consist of letters only or numbers only. You can track such numbers via universal tracking systems, though not in each case. This is why the seller must provide the website for tracking the order. Go to

“Logistics information” – “Details” to find the link to the parcel tracking website.

However, there are the tracking numbers that can’t be tracked by any system. This is just because they are fake. The sellers often send cheap products without registration (to save money) and they don’t get the tracking numbers. As AliExpress requires to provide the tracking number, the sellers sometimes create fake numbers. Yes, this is dishonest, but we can’t change it.  More on why a parcel from Aliexpress cannot be tracked.

What to Do If the Parcel Can’t Be Tracked

First of all, contact the seller. Of course, there is no need to worry if only 10-20 days passed. Your parcel has hardly started its way. The problem occurs in case you can’t track the order in 60-90 days from the moment of shipping. The sellers’ reactions may vary – some of them may help you, but the others may start weird conversations. There is one way to resolve the issue – open the dispute.

As AliExpress provides the delivery warranty, you have a chance to win the dispute. The exception is the cases that can’t be controlled by the seller (such as the problems at the customs, the high load or mistakes of postal services). AliExpress may ask you to wait longer (until the parcel reaches its deadline or the seller persuaded the administration that the package is on its way).

We wish you great shopping, honest sellers and easy tracking! Use our shipment tracking service and get high cash back on AliExpress.

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  1. I can’t track nothing a seller threatened me 20min later my whole order diapperd over 60 orders paid for wrote to company when chat many times for hours this was may 8 nothing hapoen out so much money discusted so much stress this has caused some orders from nov 2018 can’t believe they get away with this many bad sellers take your money and get nothing

    • If you cannot track an order from AliExpress, then open the dispute, provide the screenshot proving the order is not tracked and you will 100% get your money back.

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