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AliExpress Dollar Exchange Rate and Currency Change

AliExpress Dollar Exchange Rate and Currency Change

Did you know that Aliexpress has its own dollar exchange rate? Or maybe you want to see the prices in another currency? Let’s look into the nuances.

Chinese shopping lovers have always wondered what the dollar exchange rate on AliExpress is. The answer is that it has its own rate. Yes, the exchange rate on AliExpress is as individual as the domestic exchange rate of any country.

The Price Differences Due to Currency Exchange Rates

The exchange rate differences may bother the customers of online stores. The average customer sometimes forgets to take into account the nuances of exchange rates and, as a result, gets disappointed.

Why is it so? The customer thinks that the dollar exchange rate on AliExpress (or any other online platform) is the same as the bank exchange rate. But usually, when you make a currency transaction, the bank holds the amount on your account in dollars. The transaction is processed within 3 business day and the rate changes within this period. As a result, the bank charges you at a new rate. Therefore, you spend more than you expected. These details affect the final cost of the product.

To set the prices fixed and make the shopping for users from all over the world convenient, AliExpress created an opportunity to change the currency into euro, rubles and any other currency. Thanks to this opportunity, the customers from different countries can see the price in the currency of their countries. It is obvious that this is much more convenient.

How to Change Currency on AliExpress Website

In the upper right corner you can see the buttons allowing to choose the destination country and the currency. Don’t forget that the destination country affects the shipping cost. It’s is very easy to choose the currency – just select the necessary one. If you would like to know the currency exchange rate on AliExpress, you can calculate it yourself.

AliExpress currency change

How to Change Currency in Aliexpress App

To change currency in AliExpress app, press the Account icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

aliexpress mobile app

Then choose Settings – Ship to – and Currency.

aliexpress currency change in app

When you change the country in the Ship to section, the language will be changed automatically. The currency is chosen manually. The changes are saved automatically and apply as soon as they are made.

Don’t forget that you can get cash back on AliExpress by Megabonus. By the way, cash back is credited in dollars so you can get the bonus in this stable currency.

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  1. I have changed my currency from the account settings..but it’s still showing me that my order will be processed in dollars

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