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AliExpress Most Popular Products 2019

AliExpress Most Popular Products 2019

The great sale Awards 2019 on AliExpress will finish in less than a day. What was great about and how to buy gifts for Christmas and the New Year with a great discount when it’s finished?

How to save the most money on AliExpress when there’re no sales? 

  • Collect coins and exchange them into coupons.
  • Order in bulk and get special discounts from the seller.
  • Make use of the new user coupons and invite friends to join AliExpress to be rewarded for their purchases. Learn what you can get and how to do it in the New AliExpress User Guide.
  • Collect AliExpress coupons during the sales in case then can be used later. The coupons’ terms can be found in the Shopping Guides available during the sales.
  • Use Megabonus Smart Cart to monitor the price change and get a notification when the price drops.
  • Install Megabonus browser extension to see the “You can buy this item at a lower price” block on the product page on AliExpress. It will show the same or similar products at lower prices.
  • Buy with cash back on AliExpress to get up to 4.91% of the product cost back.
  • Collect Megabonus promo codes to get increased cash back on AliExpress. Available from time to time in Megabonus social media groups.

So now when you know how to save even with no sales, let’s have a look at the current most popular AliExpress products.

Best AliExpress Products 2019

They are now available in the Global Picks section of the sale. Here you can find the top-selling products of this fall and December in your region. The top lines are occupied with shoes, men’s and women’s clothing, and the products for kids and home. The shoes are mainly up to $50 in price (with up to 60% off). The prices for clothes start from as low as $1 and rarely reach $20.

aliexpress best shoes


women's clothes aliexpress

But let’s check some really cool and cheap AliExpress products you can buy with the maximum economy at any time.

Best AliExpess Gifts for Christmas 2019

Please note that you still have a chance to order and get them before this Christmas in case there’s a local AliExpress warehouse in your country. Check the Ships From line under the product color choice tab to see where the shipping is available from.

aliexpress ships from

Best Cheap AliExpress Products

Cool Christmas Cartoon Deer Case for iPhone

deer anti-knock case aliexpress

A cool dirt-resistant anti-knock silicone iPhone case that suits all iPhone models. No need to talk a lot about it; just look at the photo to be eager to get one for you!

Now available for as low as US $2.41 – 3.14 (20% off).

Customized Anti-Lost Engraved Keychains

anti-lost keychain aliexpress

A perfect and cheap gift for car owners. You can learn your friends or colleagues’ details and buy stylish, cheap and admirable keychains that will be admired by the recipients. In case the keys are lost, they will soon be returned to the owner, as the contact details can be engraved on one of the sides of the keychain.

Now available for as low as US $1.49 – 1.68 (53% off).

Stylish Bluetooth Earphones

bluetooth earphones

Come with different prints and have an absolutely astonishing though convenient design. The built-in microphone will allow using it not only for listening to the music but also for answering phone calls or chatting on skype, etc. The necessary buttons are on the left ear. They do not stick out though are convenient to find and use when walking or running.

Now available for as low as US $15.89 – 18.71 (53% off).

Best Aliexpress Gifts for Kids

Kids Hearing Protection Earphones

hearing protection headphones

Come in blue or pink colors and are pleasant to the kids eyes. Are made of durable material that prevents winding, stretching or breaking. You can leave your toddler with these earphones on and be sure they do not receive an electric shock or break the device.

Now available for as low as US $12.90 – 23.42 (51% off).

4-Wheel Climbing Electric Car

electric toy car aliexpress

A toy car made of metal and plastic with double motors you can drive within up to 25 meters using the remote control. Suits for kids between 8 and 14 years only. The batteries capacity allows driving without charging for about 25 minutes.

Now available for as low as US $9.27 – 23.19 (42% off).

Real Titanic Simulation Ship

titanic toy ship

A model ship looking like the real Titanic did in proportion 1:385. What can it do? It has the simulation of smoke and superb lightning that look absolutely adorable at night time. Suits for kids over 3. The remote distance is 50 m. The sailing time is appr. 30 minutes without charging.

Check the Seller Recommendations block under the product description to find more astonishing offers!

Now available for as low as US $189 (80% off).With coupons and cash back you can save up to $20 more.

Crazy Aliexpress Products

Anti-Stress Enter Button

anti-stress enter button

A huge pillow-shaped “Enter” button that can be switched to the laptop and except fulfilling the primary function help you relax a bit. Buy to make a hint to your employer. )))

Now available for as low as US $8.99 (38% off).

Electric Shock Marker

electric shock marker

Can only come as a present to your friends with a good sense of humor. Each time one tries to draw, they get a light electric shock.

Now available for as low as US $1.29 (30% off).

Scare Box

prank scare box

The creature inside jumps out when the wooden cover is open. Make sure not to give it as a Christmas present to your granny! A big plus of the box – you can put a real present inside so when the person who opened it can breathe again they can also get a real gift.

Now available for as low as US $0.47 (20% off).

And what did you choose to buy as a Christmas present? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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