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Top 10 Best Wireless Earphones from AliExpress

Top 10 Best Wireless Earphones from AliExpress

At first sight, it’s easy to choose earphones of good quality and at an affordable price. But when you choose them on AliExpress, you can get stuck as there are thousands of options.

We made this compilation to help you find a way in this world of different models and brands. This compilation is dedicated to wireless earbuds exclusively as Apple got rid of the 3.5 mm port  and set a new trend.

The Rating of the Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones of 2019 on AliExpress

The first section in our review is devoted to TWS headphones — “true wireless stereo”. The thing is that not all Bluetooth earphones have no wires. There has been a lot of earphones called wireless but still having wires until Apple AirPods were released. TWS earphones never had wires either.

TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Ausdom TW01 TWS

Ausdom TW01 TWS earpods

Price:  $17.71 – 21.69

These are cool dynamic TWS-earphones with the 20-20000 Hz range of reproducible frequencies. They are wireless, with a black charging case that also serves as a normal case you can use to take them with you anywhere. Ausdom TW01 TWS can work without charging for 5 hours and the case provides 15 hours of work more. The charge time for both the case and the earphones is 1.5 hours. Soft silicone nozzles make them soundproof, so you can enjoy your favorite music without listening to side noise.

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QCR Q1 earpods

Price: $19.90 – 39.90

An interesting model of wireless TWS headphone. They are waterproof (level IPX7) and support Bluetooth. The earphones come in a multifunctional case of a unique design with many built-in functions. Besides an MP3 player, there is a watch, an electronic book, a radio, a lighter and much more. They can steadily work for 6-8 hours.

The case is presented in 3 models: Q1-s, Q1-S, Q1-Pro. They have different designs, functions and electricity profiles: Q1-s (2200 mAh,) Q1-S (3500 mAh), Q1-Pro (6000 mAh). Choose what’s better for you.

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i9000 TWS

i9000 TWS

Price: $17.84

Original wireless earphones i9000 TWS Air2. They are almost a copy of AirPods with neat earphones only 4-5 grams in weight. You can use them separately and there is an option of the automatic electricity turn on/off. i9000 TWS Air2 earphones can be connected to Android, iOS and Microsoft smartphones. You can use them to do sports as they work 10 meters away from the source of the signal.

i9s TWS

i9s TWS earpods

Price: $4,74

These are neat TWS-earphones are compatible with iPhone, Xiaomi and other smartphones. They use Bluetooth 5.0 and work fine at a distance of up to 15 meters. Continuous operation time is up to 2.5 hours. They can operate during the call for up to 2 hours and for 130 hours in standby mode. The charging time for I9s tws is 1 hour. It’s a simple and reliable device that possesses all the necessary functions.

Price: $4.74

Bluetooth Wireless Earphones for Sports

The next category is earphones for doing sports.

Baseus S17


Price: $14.90 – 15.78

Sport wireless Hi-Fi earbuds with the microphone. They allow listening to your favorite music during your training sessions. They are waterproof and have the noise-reduction function. Bluetooth 5.0 is supported and they are compatible with the iPhone.

Zealot H1

Zealot H1 earpods

Price: $19.57

This is sport wireless bluetooth earphones for those who enjoy listening to music while doing sports. These compact waterproof earphones with a microphone are compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, Android and iPhone. Zealot H1 operating time in standby mode is 300 hours. Operating time in active mode is 8 hours. The charging time is 2 hours. There is a charging USB-cable included.

Awei T11

Awei T11 earpods

Price: $9.99 – 14.99

There is another model for sporting people. It is very light, only 13.8 grams. There are special buds to have the earphones fixed in the ears which is very helpful for those who prefer active sports such as running. Awei T11 has a microphone. The operating time is 4 hours for listening to music and 6 hours for calls. There is a noise-reduction mode.

 JBL Project Rock True Wireless

JBL Project Rock True Wireless earpods

Price: $211.58

These cool dynamic wireless JBL earphones operate in the 20-22000 Hz spectrum. They can be synced with any device via Bluetooth. They are also waterproof. There is a speakerphone and a microphone. The charging case is provided. JBL Project Rock True Wireless has stylish design preferred even by movie stars. However, the price is quite high.

And a couple of other interesting earphones models:

Ausdom ANC10

Ausdom ANC10 headphones

Price: $45.71 – 49.71

This is a good wireless model using the noise-reduction system. The updated professional technology blocks all the noise sources and allows its owners to enjoy the music. With these earphones, you can dive into the music and forget the surrounding reality no matter where you are: in the street, in the plane or on the train. The built-in microphone with the noise-reduction CVC technology improves the quality of phone calls making the talk clear and stable. The design is smart and classic.

HUAWEI Honor FlyPods и FlyPods Pro


Price: $104.02 – 129.99

Good dynamic waterproof wireless Hi-Fi earphones by HUAWEI released in two versions: Honor FlyPods/FlyPods Pro. They suit both for regular listening to music and for doing sports. The spectrum is 20-20000 Hz. There is the support of Bluetooth and a microphone.

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