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How to Choose the Right Clothing Size on AliExpress: Size Charts

How to Choose the Right Clothing Size on AliExpress: Size Charts

Afraid to order a wrong size on AliExpress? Read our article to find out more about how to choose the right size and get a perfect fit!

When purchasing clothes and accessories online, you should be well versed in taking measurements or at least understand the basic rules of the process.

First of all, remember that Chinese S, M, and L may not correspond to their European and American analogs. Before buying, make sure to check the values given in inches or centimeters.

How to Take Your Body Measurements

Depending on the product, different parts of the body are to be measured. However, you always need a flexible tape measure and, if possible, an assistant.

On every product page, just below the information section, there a detailed Size Chart. Use it: you only need to find the values that correspond to your body measurements the most.

how to take body measurements

The situation may occur whereby your bust and waist measurements correspond to an M and L size respectively. In this case, we recommend checking the composition of the material. Stretching out clothes after buying may be helpful, but your best option is to buy the ones that immediately fit you perfectly. That’s why you should always consult with the seller if you’re not sure about something. If you still have doubts after the consultation, it’s better to check out other products. After all, the assortment of clothes on AliExpress is truly huge; anyone can find perfectly fitting clothes for themselves.

How to Choose the Right Clothing Size

clothing size chart on Aliexpress

Let’s say you want to take your body measurements for sizing a dress. In this case, you have to measure your shoulders width, the bust, and the waist. Remember that the measurements are to be made over the fullest point of your bust.

Before ordering men’s and women’s coats (or jackets), you have to measure your shoulders width, the chest, and the sleeve length. We strongly recommend getting some help with the latter.

How to Choose Correct Underwear Size

underwear size chart on AliExpress

To get a suitable bra size, take your body measurements both over the fullest point of your bust and just under your bust. Just like you always do, in other words.

In a separate article, you can learn more about how to correctly measure the size of the bra on AliExpress. Ordering panties, get your waist and hips measurements first; measuring your weight well be helpful too.

To find you your ring size, use a piece of string, a paper, or a ruler. Read more: “How to Select Rig Size on AliExpress”.

Do not forget to measure your hips before buying a belt. Not everyone knows that belts sizing charts do exist as well, since these accessories may also significantly differ in shape and length.

How to Choose Correct Shoe Size

shoes size chart on AliExpress

Make sure not to ignore socks sizing charts: just like shoes, socks come in different sizes. On Aliexpress, sellers often use the Chinese system.

As a rule, you can find measurements instructions on a store’s main page. Just follow them, and don’t hesitate to contact a seller if there’s a clarification you’d like to receive.

We wish you happy shopping! Save with Megabonus and get AliExpress cash back on purchases.

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