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How to Cancel an Order on AliExpress and Get a Refund

How to Cancel an Order on AliExpress and Get a Refund

It often happens that you paid for the order on AliExpress but suddenly changed your mind. It happens not only to women but also to men :-).

We are not going to find the reasons why you want to cancel the order. The most important thing is that there is no need to despair. You can cancel the order and get your money back!

You probably know that the seller doesn’t ship the parcel straight away after you made an order. AliExpress reserves 7 business days for the seller to do it. During this period your order has the Awaiting shipment status. And during this period you can cancel your order.

How to Cancel the Order on AliExpress after the Payment

To cancel the order, go to the My Orders section of your AliExpress personal account.

Click the “Cancel Order” button next to the necessary order. You will get to the order page and will have to click the Request Order Cancellation button.

Then choose the reason for cancellation. If you made an order by mistake, select the corresponding variant in the drop-down list. If you cancel the order for the seller’s fault, then you will be offered to open a dispute.

As soon as you requested the cancellation, you will have to wait for the seller’s response. The seller can confirm the request, and you will get a refund in this case.

What Can I Do if the Seller Refuses to Make a Refund

Sometimes the seller refuses to cancel the order. He has either sent the product or simply doesn’t want to lose the money. Remember, if the seller has sent the package, they must provide you with a tracking number within 5 business days.

If he didn’t do it, open a dispute and ask for a refund. If the seller has already sent the product or if the seller is dishonest, you can get your money back only via the dispute option and only after the product is tracked by the postal service systems.

We recommend checking the following things before the payment:

  • the order details,
  • the seller’s rating and the customers feedback about the product.
  • The product rating and reviews.

You can simply do it all when you have Megabonus cashback extension installed and activated. It will show you the store’s rating, the seller’s reliability, as well as the rating of the product.

It will help you avoid problems and save your money and time.

And of course use the best cash back service for AliExpress to get a part of the money you spent back.

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    • Hello. Log into your AliExpress account, go your orders list, find the order and press “Cancel”. The order that was sent cannot be cancelled. The store can refuse to cancel the order.

  1. I order on Aliexpress some women goods. But I don’t get my parcel.
    Now I want cancel my order then customer service don’t give me answer since 30 days I can’t give my money
    Lp00 476602365389

  2. Hi Ali express team,

    Some of our team using third party application for Ali express I invested funds 135000 in Ali express to buy orders .After buying the product want to withdrawal funds. But our team members once again assgin task I don’t funds now. Now iam facing financial issue iam trying to withdrawal amount but unable to withdrawal funds due to assgin task.please check resolve the issue . I want funds now urgently.

    User name-Firoz beigh

  3. I ordered a 8 hp. 4 stroke long shaft boat motor I paid 12 hundred and eight some dollars on 8/4/2021 two days ago twinson got a hold of me that evening and told me to cancel my order through Alibaba and go straight through them they said it was to large to ship by sea I told them that I was not comfortable doing that I was told that I should always go through Alibaba I have been trying to cancel the order for 2 days now I have called Alibaba all day yesterday and today the phone number I used is 1-4087855580 and every time I got the same message that they were getting an excessive amount of calls and to leave my name and phone number and they would get right back to me ASAP my name is Donald Depetris and my phone number is 7248794081 I have done this at least 10 times the last 2 days and have not left the house waiting for them to get back to me

  4. I made a payment for JBL extreme 3 Around 9pm Nigeria time yesterday I made an order for a Bluetooth JBL extreme 3 for 99USD. I discovered the product is fake and ordered for cancellation this morning unfortunately the product is already shipped . Why should they sell fake things like JBL Bluetooth speaker?

  5. I make a mistake ordering the same type of item twice and I have received the tracking number for the two items and don’t know how to cancel one.pls any solution to this?

  6. I tried to cancel my order, it was not shipped yet and also messaged the seller to cancel, but the seller quickly shipped the item and replied they already shipped it. Can’t do anything about it now.

  7. I ordered a coat and then the seller told me it was out of stock ,I cancelled the order and the accepted then I ordered the same coat with another seller which then told me it was out of stock! Now I am waiting for £200 will I get refunded for both? They have both accepted

    • Hello. We cannot cancel orders through this blog. Please go to the seller’s store, log in and cancel there.

  8. Hi,i tried to cancel order yesterday till now, i pressed cancel button n reason why i cancel order and they keeping saying resume order.I dnt knw on why,m stress now and i dnt knw what can i do

  9. I placed an order from a few ventors, I cancelled 2 of them and kept 2, problem is I did a transfer payment, Will they still reimburse me for the orders that I have cancelled even though they have excepted it? Or will I still have to pay and not get the item, cause I paid directly?

  10. Hi,
    I mad deal, after 24 hours seller increased shipment cost, then I refused the deal know I selected cancel ” the reason seller increased shipment cost higher ” know seller says mak selection ” other reason ” what should I do?

  11. Hi,i tried to cancel order yesterday till now, i pressed cancel button n reason why i cancel order and they keeping saying resume order.I dnt knw on why,m stress now and i dnt knw what can i do

  12. I make an order and after debited my money I make a cancellation imidiatly I don’t no how many days will it take to refund my money.

  13. I entered the wrong shipping address and it has been shipped my items are estimated to arrive 7/4-7/28 but I now just realized I got the wrong shipment address can I still get a refund?

  14. I cancelled the order and the seller contacted me saying it was cancelled, but the charge went through anyway. Will I still get the refund?

  15. Im trying to cancel one now, seller list 18 days to ship, then changed it to 23 days awaiting shipment… obviously out of stock so I canceled for that reason. Plus I paid for epacket, not knowing there would be a huge delay…I find issue is if they delay that long your dispute coverage expires.. and sometimes I believe that is the sellers intention.

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