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How to Select Ring Size on AliExpress

How to Select Ring Size on AliExpress

There are now more than 1.4 million rings on AliExpress! You can find products to any taste and budget – from silver-plated, gold-plated, steel, brass and plastic items that cost $1-2 to silver and gold jewelry sold at pretty affordable prices though too.

AliExpress sellers offer exquisite rings in different styles and techniques – romantic swirls, vintage, Boho, wedding rings and animals-shaped ones. The choice is endless indeed. Accessories lovers can’t resist this temptation. But the question is how to select the ring size? Nobody wants to waste money, even $2.

How to Learn Your Ring Size on AliExpress

Actually, the sellers usually add the ring size chart to the product description (the Overview tab under the 60-Day Buyer Protection block) or the photos feed. Such a table will help to make the right choice.

These are easy steps to defining your ring size.

Go to the product page and find the tab with the ring sizing information. Click the “Sizing info” button, and you will see the Ring Size Chart and the How to Measure guide.

AliExpress ring size conversion chart

As you can see, in the Size Chart tab there is a tabe of ring sizes in different counting systems and their equivalent in centimeters. You can also find an instruction on how to count centimeters in the next tab.

Instruction on Defining Your Ring Size

To define your ring size, you will only need a strip of paper (or a thread), a ruler and a pen.You can use a measuring tape as well.

  1. Wrap the paper strip around your finger (as it is shown on the picture) and mark the point of the intersection.
  2. Then determine the length you have.
  3. Determine the size by the length in centimeters.

Usually the sellers from AliExpress use the American rings size system. In the example above the seller uses 6-7-8-9, so it is clear that they keep to the counting system of Canada and the USA. So we need to choose the size using the corresponding chart

For example, you measure your middle finger and see that the strip’s/thread’s length is 60 millimeters. So the right ring size for this finger is 9 or 10.

If you need to make an order and there is no ruler at hand but you know the size of the ring in the counting system of your country, you can also use one of the online convertors. They will help to find the equivalent in another counting system.

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