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What is the AliExpress New User Coupon and How to Use It

What is the AliExpress New User Coupon and How to Use It

AliExpress is the world-leading online shopping platform with 540 million monthly visits from 230+ countries and territories. It’s ranked 31 among the top 50 world’s most popular websites and is the 3rd world’s most visited website in the category (according to Similarweb).

Great marketing tools and solutions were among the basic keys of its overwhelming success. This is what helps it to stably grow year after year and attract millions of new customers. The bonus policy of the platform is above all praise. And this article will discover how to save each penny on Aliexpress and even earn with it when making your first step to economical shopping – signing up for Aliexpress. Let’s go!

AliExpress New User Bonuses

There are 2 basic ways to join AliExpress: directly by entering your login (email) and password on the website / in the app or using the invite link. No matter which sign-up method you choose, you will get the newbie bonuses. Let’s see which way is more beneficial.

Direct Sign-Up

Go to, enter your email address and the password you are going to use and… This is it! You will see the page with a $3 new customer coupon. What is great about it? You can use it on orders over $4, which is a really generous offer.  Do not know what AliExpress coupons are? Then study our AliExpress coupons’ guide before shopping.

AliExpress new user coupon $3

How to Get the AliExpress New User Coupon

Once you signed up, the new user coupon code is already in your account. Go to “Wallet” in the AliExpress mobile app or to or to the My Coupons section of the menu (click on your login pic on the upper right corner to open it up).

my coupons Aliexpress

Make sure to check the coupon’s validity period. It’s mainly valid for a month (usually starting before the date you got the coupon!). The new customer coupon can be used on any items on AliExpress.

new user coupon validity time

Coupon for the New User in the AliExpress Mobile App

In case you prefer to shop from mobile devices, feel free to download and install the Aliexpress app and register from your mobile. The sign-up process is the same and the $3 new customer coupons will be immediately granted to you.

Aliexpress $3 new user coupon in mobile app

To check it, to the Wallet – Coupons – AliExpress Coupons. The new user AliExpress app coupon has the same terms as the one you can get when signing up via your PC.

coupon for new user in the AliExpress mobile app - $3


Sign Up via the Invite Link

The invite link is the link sent to your email by one of the AliExpress registered members. The email with the link looks this way:

Aliexpress coupon $19 - invite friend link

Click the link and register as in the first case. What will it give to you? $19 in coupons and a $5 coupon for the person who invited you when you make your first order (remember this hack, as when registered, you can also invite your friends to use AliExpress and get the coupon!). The invite link on the AliExpress website can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Let’s go to the My Coupons center and check what we have got. The coupons for $3, $4, $5 and $7! It’s not $100, of course, but not that bad, isn’t it?

$19 coupons for new users - AliExpress my coupons

The $3 coupon can be applied to the order of $10 and more; the $4 one – to order of $5 and more; the one for $5 – to orders of $20, and the $7 one – to the orders of $70 and more. Make sure to check the coupons’ lifetime, as if you miss the time when the welcome bonus must be used, you will face an unpleasant situation – the coupon not working anymore.

How to Use the AliExpress New User Coupon

What is great about the new customer coupons? They are all AliExpress coupons, which means they can be applied to the orders in any store. The only restriction is the validity time and the minimum order sum requirements.

To use any of the coupons, activate Megabonus cash back (to save up to 4.91% of the purchase price more, remember?), then you will be redirected to AliExpress (in case you use the Megabonus mobile app), or go to the AliExpress website clicking the Buy with cash back button on the Megabonus website.

Shop normally; when ready to pay for the order, you will see the list of valid coupons on the payment page. Choose the one you want to use and finish the payment.

Helpful hint! Check the AliExpress coupons and promo codes list before purchasing to get an extra discount.

What Happens When the Order with the Coupon is Closed?

In most cases, when a paid order is closed or deleted for some reason, you have to open the dispute to get a refund. In this case, you will lose the discount, and the refund for the sum you actually paid will be made.

Other New User AliExpress Deals

Yes, if you are reading this, you want more bonuses and you will get them! During the time of sales new Aliexpress users can choose either to have a $3 coupon or buy any item for as little as $0.01 or buy a product with a very big discount – up to 80%. You simply click the option you prefer, choose one of the products suggested and get it a reduced price.

new user gifts and deals on AliExpress

Keep and share this info to get all new AliExpress customer benefits for you and your friends!

Want to save even more? Don’t forget to sign up for Megabonus cashback before shopping on AliExpress. Activate cashback before shopping and get up to 4.91% of the purchase price back!

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  1. Hey i’m a new user,i tried so many times to buy the new user bonus products worth 0.01$ but it keep saying that payment is not successfull try again. What should i do?

  2. When I wanted to buy from Ali Express it gave me a message – “you can only purchase one New User BONUS or Super Offer Express deal at a time”. What should I do?

  3. Does the coupon only take off money from the product or can it be used to buy the product? I’m literally just trying to buy 1 thing for 9 cents.

    • It’s better to use cards where you do not have a lot of money for any online payments, not only Aliexpress. It’s OK to add your card details on AliExpress in case you are on their real website.

  4. This is so dumb! I thought I’ll get $0.01 bonus at whatever I buy so I put more than 80 products in my cart and also bragged a lot in front of my parents and now I see I can only buy one product🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. I signed up today and got new user coupon but my question is this i have used my new card on aliexpress from another device and now can I use that card for my new user coupon which I have received in my second new device?

    • We do not have any information on that. If you want to find the most profitable offers, check the AliExpress mobile app. They have lots of regular promotions and discount sections there.

  6. If I bought one thing on aliexpress, would the 1 cent and other new user deals go away? So in other words, does it still make me a new user if I already bought one other thing?

  7. Quando cilco no botao comprar aparece a seguinte msg:
    You can only purchase one New User BONUS deal at a time. Please make your final selection to continue

    Como faço para comprar?

  8. Please help!
    Do you only get 1 of the new user bonus 0.01 item? I want to order a bunch of items from one shop, and a few of the items have the “new user bonus deal” and cost either 1 or 2 cents. But when I went to checkout it said “you can only use one new user bonus deal at a time.” Does that mean I can only redeem one 1 cent item per order? And if so, after that order, if I made a separate order could I get another different 1 cent order? Or will the price go back to normal?

    • Hello. Yes, you only redeem one 1 cent item per order. So you have to use several profiles to get several New User bonuses. Please also read this article to learn about all New User bonuses on AliExpress. I hope this information helps.

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