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How to Place an Order on AliExpress

How to Place an Order on AliExpress

You are here which means you have finally decided to make an order on AliExpress. Congratulations! It’s high time to test this popular online store. You might have already heard about the attractive prices and a huge assortment of products in different categories: clothes, shoes and accessories, electronics, home appliances, cosmetics and much more on Aliexpress.

Now it’s high time turn to find out how to make an order on AliExpress website to avoid mistakes and issues. In this article, we will go over all the steps of ordering products.

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How to Make an Order from AliExpress

Checking the reviews of the seller and the product

First of all, carefully read the description of the product and check the Feedback section. It is worth examining and can help avoid some common problems (bad quality of the products, delivery delays or dishonest sellers).

Check the feedback on the seller and the rating of the store. Read the customers’ reviews of the product and check real photos of the product the users have added. Megabonus extension will show the rating of the store and the product on the page of the product to make your shopping safer and quicker.

aliexpress seller check

If you order clothes or shoes, read whether the size coincides with the stated one. Don’t hesitate to contact the seller to make sure the size fits you. Sometimes the Chinese sizes differ from the other size tables.

Aliexpress create order

Making the Order

When you are sure you like the product, click the “Buy now” button. You will have to choose the color, the size and the number of the items you are going to order. Select the right option and click “Buy now”. Pay attention to the description of the color as the blue might seem black in the picture, etc. Check the name of the color in the order not to be mistaken.

place new order on aliexpress

Filling in the Address Field

The next step is filling in the address field. You have to fill it in carefully to get your parcel on time and to the correct address. If you have any doubts about the postal code, it is better to check it on the internet or at the post office.

Aliexpress shipping address

As soon as the address is filled in, you can save it for future orders. Quite often, there are several shipping addresses added in the same AliExpress account. I.e. when you need the parcel to be delivered to your office, or your friends’ or relatives’ place. Make sure you choose the appropriate one for the corresponding order.

When you are done with the address, AliExpress will let you check the details of the order once again:

  • the price,
  • the size,
  • the color,
  • the delivery terms and its cost.

and give a chance to send a message to the seller.

contact aliexpress seller

In the direct message, you can specify the details of the address or the other nuances. Pay attention to the delivery and its terms. If you want to receive the order faster, you can choose an express shipping service (it will be more expensive but much faster). Check all Aliexpress shipping options.

Order Payment

When you are done with placing an order, you will be redirected to the checkout page.

aliexpress order payment information

Choose the suitable option and make the payment (just like in any other online store). Enter your payment details and click “Buy now”. The payment is considered successful in case you have waited for the payment confirmation. If you have any questions on the payment, go to the “Alipay Help Center” – a huge database containing all the most popular Q&As.

Order Tracking

We hope this guide was useful to you and now you are ready to make your first order on AliExpress.

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    • 1. You can add your shipping address when placing an order or on the Shipping Details page.
      2. Check the shipping options for the product to learn what pick-up points are available in your place.
      3. Go to the Cart to see the total.

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