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What to Do if the Parcel from AliExpress Returned Back to the Sender

What to Do if the Parcel from AliExpress Returned Back to the Sender

One of the most popular requests of AliExpress users is how to track the parcel or how to know the parcel has arrived. But sometimes there might be another scenario – the parcel is already on its way back to the sender.

What does it mean?

It may happen when:

  • There were prohibited items found in the parcel.
  • The address or the addressee are incorrect.
  • The parcel arrived to the post office and has been stored there for more than 30 days.

How to track your parcel?

What to Do if the Parcel from AliExpress Returned Back to China

First of all, remember the following tips not to have your parcel sent back.

  • Specify your address carefully.
  • Monitor the shipping process with the help of the tracking number. If you see that your parcel has already arrived, go to the post office to pick up your package. If your tracking number can’t be tracked, it is worth visiting your post office once a week and checking if the parcel has arrived.
  • Don’t order prohibited items.

You can check the location of your parcel via “Megabonus – Shipment tracking”.

What to Do if the Parcel Has Already Gone to China

In this case we suggest opening a dispute. You probably won’t be able to have your parcel back, because the customs and the postal services will hardly deal with such a case. So select “Package was returned to seller by shipping company” as a reason for the dispute. In the dispute field specify that you want to receive a full refund and attach a screenshot proving your package returned back to the seller.

Let’s consider the cases when the seller offers to close the dispute and resend the order or send the money to you bypassing AliExpress. We recommend not to accept such offers. Firstly, as soon as the dispute is closed, you no longer have the protection of AliExpress administration. Secondly, if you accept the offer to cooperate outside AliExpress, AliExpress will not be able to influence the results. Moreover, your account can be blocked.

The cooperation with the sellers regarding the purchase of goods outside of the platform is prohibited as the seller is trying to avoid paying commission to AliExpress.

Be careful and patient and the administration will decide in your favor. Don’t forget to install Megabonus extension that will help you to get 4.91% of cash back for any product from AliExpress.

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  1. Hello my package from AliExpress says it’s been returned to the sender due to an incorrect address on item. What do I do at this point to have my package redelivered or my money refunded

    • Have you figured out what you needed to do? i didnt pick up my package from the post office and it is at the local warehouse. How do I get it back, please?

  2. My order from Aliexpress is being returned after an ‘Outbound failure in sorting center’ and I don’t know hwat to do. I asked the seller and they say they’re going to re-send it, what should I do? Do I apply for a refund or wait to see if they really send me my item?

  3. Hola mi envío fue devuelto por exceso de peso el vendedor dice que cambiara el envio. Solo es un producto y la única forma de envio que tenía.
    ¿puede volver a enviar?

    • Hello. Stores on Aliexpress are responsible for shipping products. In case they cannot ship, there’s no way to send a product. Try to ask the seller to solve the issue.

  4. My order from aliexpress got sent back to seller by customs in china. The seller said he would send another to me. Will this be a problem or will I still have buyer protection? What if I do not receive the item until after the protection time ends and it is broken?? Should I have them refund me then buy again or trust that they will actually send me another??? I bought the item on black friday and the price is currently NOT the same. Will I get the same price if I have them just start a new purchsse order? Ugh

    • Hello. Press the Extend protection button. You can extend it several times before the order arrives. If the order is closed, you will not have any protection in case something goes wrong.

  5. My friend ordered a package to be shipped to my post office but it says that it was returned to the seller but I checked the tracking and it’s still in my country. How can I get my package?

  6. I ordered a package from aliexpress and the tracking says airline handover problem, package misdeclare and return in progress. I notified the seller and he said it’s typical logistics issues and for me to be patient. Should I open a case to get a refund?

  7. I bought 3 Wallets and a Louis Vuitton handbag from AliExpress and They put the address right except they forgot to add an Apartment number and now USPS has sent my packages back to the seller. Its not even about the refund, i really want the items to the point were i would give them a new address or even ask them to send them to my cousin in china and he will DHL them to me. They wont even send me a refund on my dispute. And yet USPS says the package is being sent back. You can imagine my frustration and disappointment. They are sending the wallets back and Handbag and i get nothing 😔 My name is Gegi Kahuma and my memeber number number is bw1452879228nqpae

    • Sorry to hear about the issue. If the dispute was closed in favor of the seller, the only way to settle the situation is to try to come to an agreement with the seller.

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