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The “Your account is temporarily unavailable” meaning on AliExpress

The “Your account is temporarily unavailable” meaning on AliExpress

«Your account is temporarily unavailable» message can sometimes be seen in AliExpress mobile application. What does this message mean?
The «Unavailable account» causes the same problems, as the «Blocked account». You are able to check old orders and open disputes, but you can’t make any new purchases. If you get the «Your account is temporarily unavailable» notification on your mobile app, try to log in to AliExpress web version. If you fail to log in via PC, there might be several possible reasons of this.

You deleted your AliExpress account by yourself

It sometimes happens. You could have accidentally deleted the account. In this case we suggest contacting AliExpress customer support service and ask to recover the account. AliExpress provides customer support in different languages 24/7, but it’s advisable to wrote to them in English (in case you don’t speak Chinese, of course).

You didn’t confirm your email

When you sign up for AliExpress, you have to confirm your email via the link that the store automatically sends to your mailbox. You have three days to do it. If you haven’t confirmed your email, it probably means that the AliExpress management blocked your account.

There is a solution. Find the «Account reactivation» button on the page with deactivation notification. By clicking on it, you will get to the form you have to fill in. You will have to provide a scanned copy of your ID. AliExpress management will check the request, and in case everything is okay your account will be recovered.

You open too many disputes or you are a scammer

«Many» is a vague and extendable concept, but if you opened disputes for more than a half of your orders, you automatically get blacklisted. AliExpress sellers have the right to complain against the customers. In this case the management blocks such users without consideration.

Unconfirmed account aliexpress

If this was the reason of blocking, then, unfortunately, your account can’t be restored.

Invalid email or password

Sometimes you have caps lock on or confuse the languages while entering the password. Check your login data to make sure everything is correct. Sometimes cache and cookies clearing might help.

You have several accounts with the same email

This can be considered a fraud. AliExpress service team does not welcome the users who own several accounts with the same email address.
If none of the above described reasons apply to you, you have to contact the customer support service and find out what happened. You might either get the explanation or just a curt answer – “We are sorry. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything”.

Support service

Anyway, it’s worth a try. If you didn’t manage to recover your account, you will have to create a new one and lose your rating and the orders history if you have any.

But the good news is that you will automatically get your cash back from new AliExpress account. Megabonus cash back extension installed in your browser isn’t linked to any specific AliExpress account. Continue making purchases as usual with your new Aliexpress, and cash back (remember to activate it before choosing products) will be credited to your Megabonus account.
Good luck!

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  1. It’s a real fruad site
    After adding my card number to cash out the good I want, since then it’s has been saying “Temporary Unavailable”

  2. The website is basically a scam, I have been on for years and the they just randomly decided to delete my account. Unfortunately now I have items I bought I can’t track etc.

  3. After a bad judgement by Aliexpress, on a dispute that I opened, I decided to eliminate and free my account, now, it seems that because, I want nothing to do with them anymore, they decided to steal from me, my last purchase of almost 53 euro, even though I eliminate my account, they still have my number, but yet, they are not letting know anything about that order, which should have already been delivered to me, and it ain’t. dispute that I lost, was on one of 2 samsung J530F display that I bought, test them both, without removing their warranty protection, phone battery disconected, one worked just fine, the other did not, I right away made a short video clip, showing them the problem, supplier sent them a video of a J510 working just fine, even thought that was not the same bad display that he sent me, and that they are different models, Aliexpress ruled against me. Now, Aliexpress wants to steal my other purchase too. guys watch out, with aliexpress, that buyer protection means nothing. and they too, are thieves.

  4. This is ridiculous. Some sellers send high price and when buyer does not buy.
    they simply report the buyer as fraud. Then buyer account is closed.
    you can only see it is for security reasons. Also there are computer bots only at service page.
    they keep sending same messages again and again without understanding the problem.
    this is ridiculous. Also a major percent of china sellers are third class with high ego.
    first they come singing for offers , in the end it is cheap but worst quality or expensive if good quality.
    when the buyer refuses to buy due to lack of balance between quality and price.
    they simply report them as false.

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