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How to Pay for Purchases on eBay

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How to Pay for Purchases on eBay

By signing up for eBay, you become a full participant of one of the leading world auctions. As soon as you do it, you can get down to the resolving other issues such as making the payments on eBay.

5 Easy Steps to Making Payments on eBay

Step 1

Click “Sign in” on website. You will only need your email address to sign up. We recommend using a stable and reliable mail platform such as This way you will never have problems with missing important notifications.

Create eBay Account

Step 2

Fill in the registration form. The system requires the following data: your name, your surname, the type of the account (an individual or a legal person), an email address and a password. You will be able to edit all the information including password later.

eBay Registration Form

Just click Register and ta da – now you can use all the website’s features. You need to fill in more details to make bids, sell and buy products.

Step 3

The most important information is the shipping address. To add it, go to My eBay — Summary — Account — Addresses.

eBay Shipping Address

My eBay Account

Add Shipping Address on eBay

The Registration Address is the residential address. You must be able to provide the documentary confirmation if necessary. You can specify several shipping addresses, even in different countries.

Step 4

The system might require proof of identity. To confirm your identity, you need to add the payment details.

Step 5

Before making the payment on eBay, link your PayPal account to your eBay account. 99% deals are paid via this payment system. The question how to pay for a purchase on eBay without PayPal registration might occur to those who are not familiar with the advantages with this payment system:

  • PayPal reliably protects your payment details and doesn’t disclose them to the sellers you deal with.
  • The system advocates the interests of the customers in the contentious situations (for example, in case you didn’t receive the product or it is broken);
  • Dealing with PayPal is easy as you don’t have to enter a lot of data – all you need to submit to create a Paypal account is your email address.

Take these easy 5 steps and pay on eBay easily and fast.

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