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What Can I Do if I Received a Wrong Size on AliExpress

What Can I Do if I Received a Wrong Size on AliExpress

Sizes on AliExpress have some peculiarities. American M size and Chinese M size might have totally different parameters. The reason is that the Chinese sizes differ from other ones. The size is usually mentioned in the description of a product.

But if the size is not specified in inches or centimeters, it is better to ask the seller about the exact size. This way you will be protected from receiving a product of a wrong size. Before making the order and paying for it, check the “Feedback” section. If the seller confuses the sizes often, the other customers might have already written about it.

The next point. You were happy with the size mentioned in the description and made an order. But then you found out that the item is of a smaller or a larger size than you expected. The question arises: what to do if the size didn’t fit and how to return the product on Aliexpress?

The first thing you have to do is to extend the Buyer Protection. And then write to the seller about your wish to change the size or get a refund depending on your decision.

If You Want to Get a Refund

You can open dispute right away with the reason “Wrong Size”. To do it, make an application with the pictures proving the difference between the declared and the actual sizes.

If the seller doesn’t accept the dispute, escalate it. If your complaint is well-founded, AliExpress will return your money back.

If you want to improve your rating, you can return the product back to the AliExpress seller. Ask the seller for pay for the shipping. Don’t spend your own money. If the seller agrees, you can send the product back to him. Save the tracking number. As soon as the seller gets the tracking number, they must accept the dispute and you will get a refund.

If the seller doesn’t want to send the money, open the dispute without returning the product.

Read more: How to Return Goods from AliExpress and Get Refund.

If You Want to Change the Size

We hope you have enough time to wait for the product of a right size. You need to contact the seller and offer the exchange: you return the product to the seller and they send the right size when they received the tracking number. It’s important to discuss who pays for the return. Don’t confirm receiving the order until you get a new parcel and make sure the size is right.

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