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Why Does It Take a Long Time to Deliver a Parcel from AliExpress

Why Does It Take a Long Time to Deliver a Parcel from AliExpress

The question we always get from our readers is “Why is the parcel from AliExpress delayed?”

In fact, the delay is a relative term. Let’s find out when the delay occurs and what the standard term for the orders from AliExpress is. 

Normal Delivery Terms

The standard term for the parcel to arrive is from 20 to 45 days. If the parcel is sent in January or February, then the term extends to 1.5-2 months as it is the New Year time and then the Chinese New Year starts (when the Chinese postal services and stores have holidays for almost 2 weeks).

It is important to understand that the courier services have different delivery times and so do the terms of the delivery of the products depending on the service.

If the seller uses regular China post, the parcel will be delivered within 30-45 days. If the shipping is carried out by Hong Kong or Singapore postal services, the delivery is faster – within 20-30 days.

Now we are discussing the default delivery terms. Learn more in the article “How long does it take for the shipment from China to arrive to USA and Canada?

How to Track Your Parcel?

Express Delivery

If you want to get your parcel faster, you can use this opportunity. When making an order, choose one of the large courier services (EMS, DHL), pay from $25 or more and wait for your product to arrive in 7-20 days.

Slow Shipping

Sometimes the delivery takes longer – 2 months and more. There might be numerous reasons for this:

  • Customs issues.
  • The load on the postal services.
  • The mistakes of the postal services.
  • An incorrect destination address (for example, you misspelled your shipping address).
  • An incorrect destination address by the fault of the seller.

If It Takes Really Long for the Parcel to Arrive

In this case, AliExpress can provide a refund. There are some limits, but in general, you will win the dispute if you open it. The chance to win the dispute is higher in case the seller promised to deliver the parcel within a certain period. Usually, the delivery terms are specified by AliExpress itself.  You can find the corresponding information in the View Detail section of your order.


So an average delivery term is 25-45 days. For some people it is long, for the others it is okay. Keeping in mind the price of the products, it is no big deal to wait.

Remember that you can always buy even cheaper on AliExpress with the help of the best cash back service Megabonus.

Have a good shopping!

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