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Is Parcels’ Shipping Delayed Due to COVID-19?

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Is Parcels’ Shipping Delayed Due to COVID-19?

The shipping of products from China was resumed after March 20, 2020. In the beginning, there were delays in shipping due to the big volume of the parcels that were stuck in China. But within several weeks they solved the issue and the parcels are now delivered normally.

There can be some delays in shipping parcels from China though. And this is not the fault of the sellers or the Chinese shipping companies. Most parcels transit European airports and sorting centers on their way to the customers in different corners of the world. The delays mainly occur due to the current lack of shipping routes to/from some countries.

What to Do if Your Shipping is Delayed?

When your shipping is delayed from China or another country, please go to the seller’s website or a parcel tracking platform and check where your parcel currently is.

  • In case the status says that the parcel didn’t leave the country, contact the seller for the details. Cancel the order if necessary.
  • If you ordered from AliExpress and the parcel left China, double-check the parcels’ current location and the time left before the order is closed.

View order detail aliexpress

Extend the Buyer protection timer if necessary.

extend buyer protection timer aliexpress

It usually takes 2 days for the seller to confirm or reject the extension of the timer.

buyer protection timer on aliexpress

! Don’t forget to make sure the seller accepts the extension.

Go to the website of the local postal service and check the information on the shipping time from this country.

For example, some parcels from China to Belarus are delayed these days. When on the website of the local postal service, you can see the table with the details on shipping parcels and packages to and from different countries.

Outgoing packages Belarus

The red notices mean that either packages or parcels or both cannot be delivered to the chosen location.

Study the information on the shipping terms in the chosen location. If necessary, contact the managers to learn more about the shipping terms.

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