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What Can I Do if the Seller on AliExpress Asks to Pay for the Shipping after the Payment is Already Done

What Can I Do if the Seller on AliExpress Asks to Pay for the Shipping after the Payment is Already Done

Millions of people daily buy on AliExpress! There are numerous goods to any taste and budget, as well as countless tricks the Chinese sellers invented to get some extra money. Let’s consider how to avoid extra expenses and not to get cheated by unreliable sellers.

Here is one of the schemes. On the product page the seller claims the shipping to be free. This way his offer looks more attractive to the customers and he can sell more. And when the customer has already paid for the order, the seller asks to pay for the shipping. So what to do if the seller asks to pay for the shipping after the actual payment?

Such sellers often send a link to some product and ask to buy it. They say this way you will pay the shipment. Sometimes they ask to pay through a third-party system. Anyway, don’t pay for the shipping straight away. First check if you really have to pay for it.

Take a Screenshot Displaying that the Shipping is Free

free shipping AliExpress

If you see a “Free Shipping” mark on the page of the product you would like to order, take a screenshot of the page. This screenshot should display the date and time of your order.

If you haven’t taken such a screenshot and the seller asks to pay for the shipping, hurry up to check the page of the product. If the page is still available, take a screenshot.

Check the Description of the Product

product details AliExpress

Sometimes the sellers explain in detail what the “Free Shipping” is in the description of the product. Of course, usually it is in fine print in the very end of the description. Only the most careful customers would see it. Check the description when the seller sends the message to you.

No matter what the result is, take a screenshot of the page.

Communication with the Seller

First of all, ask the seller what happened and why the shipping became paid. If you have the screenshot, attach it, if no – refer to the information you have read before.

If the seller tells that there was a mistake in the description or simply avoids the subject, threaten him to contact the AliExpress administration. If the seller ignores your warning, contact the administration.

Open Dispute

open dispute aliexpress

When opening dispute, mention the following points:

  • On the page of this or that product the shipping was claimed to be free (if you have a screenshot, attach it).
  • I paid the order.
  • The seller sent a message – screenshot. He asks to pay for the shipping.
  • I don’t think I have to pay and ask for help of the administration.

You will have to wait for the seller’s reaction. If he refuses the dispute or gives some weird offers, escalate the dispute. This way the AliExpress administration will check it.

Now wait for the response of AliExpress representatives. Most often, such disputes are resolved in favor of the customers.

Cancellation of the Order

You can cancel the order on your personal account on “View Details” page. There is a “Cancel” button available until the package is sent. Click this button and describe the reason why you are doing it.

You will get a refund and there will be no need to communicate with the seller and the administration.

Now you know what can be done if the seller asks to pay for the shipping after the payment of the order. Don’t forget that you can save not only on the free shipping but also with the help of Megabonus browser extension.

Install it and get cash back from AliExpress and other stores.

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  1. I am new on Ali express shopping. I ordered for a product and the estimated delivery date is Sept. 18 – Oct.3, and the buyer’s protection period is about 66 days, few hrs & mins to expire. Should I open a dispute when the estimated delivery date is reached or wait till when the buyer’s protection period is about 15 days to expire? Please kindly advise me on what to do. Thanks.

    • It’s better to open the dispute when the Buyer Protection Timer stops (but no later than 14 days after the stop!) or several days before it. Make sure to attach all evidence proving you waited for the parcel (a screenshot from a tracking service), but the parcel didn’t show up. Good luck!

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