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AliExpress Birthday Sale 2020: 10th Anniversary

AliExpress Birthday Sale 2020: 10th Anniversary

AliExpress birthday sale is among the top 3 most popular AliExpress sales in 2020. It stands in the row with the Singles Day. There will be almost as many discounts, promo codes, coupons, and bonuses as on 11.11. The products will be sold 50% cheaper (make sure the store participates in the sale and there’s cash back for the product before buying!).

Using additional economy hacks, you can save up to 90% of the initial price. This spring AliExpress sale is a special one, as AliExpress turns 10 this March. So even more discount offers and bonuses will be available. 

What are the Dates of the 10th Anniversary Sale 2020?

  1. The Presale: Mar 20, 12:00 AM PT – Mar 26, 11:59 PM PT. Add products to the cart and get 5 coins per each added product.

! Important! Make sure the store participates in the sale. You can earn 15 coins per day and 105 coins in total during the whole Add to Cart period per one account on AliExpress. 

10th annivarsary birthday sale Aliexpress 2020 guide

The coins can be exchanged into AliExpress and Select Coupons till Mar 31 11:59 PM PT. Then all unused coins gained within the Add to Сart game will expire. There are many more ways to get and use AliExpress coins. Make sure to use them all: read how to get coins.

  1. The 10th Anniversary sale: Mar 27, 12:00 AM PT – Mar 31, 11:59 PM PT. Hurry up to buy with 50% off!

Go to the sale’s page

Types of Coupons During the Sale

Aliexpress coupon center - birthday sale 2020

All types of coupons (AliExpress, Select and Store Coupons) will be available. You can use both active coupons you have or win, collect new ones. Read how to win and exchange coupons here.

A quick guide to getting and using the coupons is displayed in this table:

Aliexpress coupons guide

! All Coupons collected during the sale will expire by Mar 31 11:59 PM PT.

Go to the Coupon Center

How to Save More on the Sale?

  1. Add products to the cart within the Add to Cart game to collect coins and get free coupons later on.
  2. Roll the dice and collect coupons and coins (3 coins per roll) in the Gift Box game (Mar 20-25). Play for $2, $5 and $10 Aliexpress Coupons when you reach the castles in the game. Reach the final to take part in the prize fight for $500,000 in AliExpress Coupons.

gift box game on Aliexpress birthday sale 2020    gift box game on Aliexpress birthday sale 2020

  1. Use Megabonus Smart Cart. Add the products you are going to buy to the Smart Cart to monitor their prices’ change and buy at the lowest ones.

Buy with Fun!

time capsule game on Aliexpress birthday sale 2020

This year the Alibaba team presented an amazing Time Capsule game for their customers. The interactive show will tell your story as an AliExpress buyer. You will see the information on your very first purchase, your join date and much more. At the end of the “journey”, you will be able to claim a gift. We will keep it secret. Check for yourself. You will like it!

time capsule game gift aliexpress

How to Buy with Cash Back

  1. Empty the cart.
  2. Activate Megabonus cash back extension to see whether there’s cash back for the product.

affiliated products on Aliexpress - cashback extension

3. Activate cash back through the “Buy with cash back” link.

4. Shop normally. We recommend choosing and paying for to the product within the same browser session and no later than 2 hours following adding the product to the cart to have your cash back successfully credited.

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