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How to Get and Use Coins on AliExpress

How to Get and Use Coins on AliExpress

The coin is a bonus currency that is designed to be used exclusively on AliExpress. Customers can use coins to decrease the initial price of the product or pay almost the full price with coins. And there are plenty of ways to do it.

What Are Coins on AliExpress and What Do They Give?

Coins on AliExpress are bonuses that can be used to save real money. They are valid only within the platform, so you can’t withdraw them or share them with your friends. But regular AliExpress customers know that all those limitations are not a barrier for smart shopping.

Coins can be credited for taking certain actions and you can use them to decrease the price of a product. Of course, you can’t get a laptop for coins but still, you can regularly get some pleasant discounts.

It’s easier to get and spend coins in the AliExpress mobile app. The coins program isn’t well developed on the AliExpress website.

How Do I Get Coins on AliExpress?

AliExpress regularly gives coins to the customers who visit the app daily. The coins are called “Mobile bonuses” there.

free Aliexpress Coins in mobile app

In the dedicated section, you can see what daily bonus you are going to get today and tomorrow and also, the tasks that you can get bonuses for upon their completion.

Below there is a list of games where you can win coins. This is the “Land of games” section. It has an Exchange point where you can exchange coins for coupons and also mini-games giving additional bonuses. For example, in the “Money Tree” game you need to grow a tree and collect coins and coupons from it; in the “Bubble Challenge” game you can “shoot” coins (up to 200 coins) and coupons. There is also the “Flip ‘n’ Win” game based on the same rules.

Aliexpress game land

Is there any scam? The thing is that all the games make you spend some coins that you already have. A user pays 2 coins for a session. You can either win 20 coins, a coupon or nothing. So, games on AliExpress is a good way (quite risky though) to get some coins.

The easiest way to earn coins is to visit the AliExpress mobile app daily. This is the right although a quite long way. You will need time to earn some coins, but on the other hand, you won’t lose anything.

There is a faster way to get good bonuses. Just don’t miss large sales. For example, on AliExpress Birthday, 11.11 Sale you can always get some coins and other bonuses just for taking target actions. For example, sometimes you just need to add some products to the Cart. There are also coin lotteries where you can win a couple of hundred coins.

How to Exchange Coins on AliExpress

There are three ways to spend coins on AliExpress:

  1. Exchange coins for coupons in the mobile app.
  2. There is a list of products you pay for with coins (partially or in full). It means that you can use coins almost like any other normal currency.
  3. During the sales, both the website and the app offer special conditions to spend the coins.

NB: normally you can’t obtain and spend coins on the AliExpress website. This can only be done in the mobile app.

Also, keep in mind that for every session in the “Land of Games” you spend from 1 to 5 bonuses.

How to Exchange Coins for Products on AliExpress

How to buy products for coins in the mobile app? It’s quite simple – you just go to the corresponding section and choose a product you like. You can see how many coins and real money you will have to spend right on the list.

how to buy for coins on Aliexpress

There is another wonderful section that promotes products that would cost only 1 cent. So, it means that you pay almost the full price with coins and only 1 cent with real money.

Sometimes, you may struggle to exchange coins for products during the sales as everything is sold out fast. There is only one solution – track the notifications about the upcoming events, check the app regularly (experienced customers do it every 10-15 minutes) and have enough coins and money on your account.

How to Use Coupons Exchanged for Coins on AliExpress

You can get coupons for coins in the dedicated section which is called “Exchange for coupons”. Here you can get AliExpress Coupons (valid for almost all stores of the platform) or Store Coupons.

aliexpress coupons exchange center

You will see the option to use the coupons on the check out page. You can select one or several coupons of different values.

Why Can Coins on AliExpress Disappear?

The coins have the expiration date just like any other bonuses. AliExpress uses the following system: you can save bonuses during the calendar year (from January 1 to December 31) and use them before March 31 of the next year. Then they disappear.

Another case when coins on AliExpress disappear is when the administration suspect the account in taking fraudulent actions. In this case, all coins disappear, and the account owner gets a warning or a fine. Sometimes, users may even be banned.

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, so there is no need to worry about your coins. Just don’t forget to collect and spend them in time.

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  2. sorry, AliE is a mess re. coins. I can’t collect them after payment. I can’t turn coins into coupons.
    Am I blocked for this?
    Did AE cancel this options?
    Am I too stupid to find this option? I doubt so.. I am an engineer on new technologies..🤔

  3. This completely lures customers to think they at least will be able to bye a product by couns but the reality is only 1 or two percent discount in special offers not those who are wanted

  4. It’s far too complicated for most ppl to understand how to use the scheme. Coins is basically a hopeless way to copy Banggood’s highly successful points system – which also works well on their website! Not everybody is keen to use a tiny phone screen to view order details and instantly spend their money.

    • i still do not under stand how to use the coins but i did not know i would loose them in march. i might as well stop collecting them. i see list i get 1%voff for 2 coins i want to spent my 30000 coins an s get it foir free,. duh……sorrry this mini rant is not ment for this site but for ali-X

      i seem have to pay to use them i do not lik those campains much.

  5. Thanks a lot very much for the high quality and results-oriented help. I won’t think twice to endorse your blog post to anybody who wants and needs support about this area.

  6. The exchange coins doesn’t work. I’ve tried everyday for a week . The next rounds starts just keeps going back to 60 mins when it ends so it’s always next round and sorry no coupons available at the moment.
    Plus the contact seller icon is not there either so I can’t ask any questions before I buy. Not sure if it’s just on my mobile app or everyone else’s. Also I can’t place order without paying first which all sellers tell me to do when I could actually contact them a month ago. With that cancelled order which took 2 mins to cancel due to that issue they took my money anyway and I had to call my bank to submit an inquiry for the refund. Refunds also take forever up to 6 weeks!
    Live chat is useless due to the language barrier.
    Positive about AliExpress is the prices but no use if I have to go thru all these hassles to purchase.

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