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New Products on AliExpress 2020

New Products on AliExpress 2020

Every day millions of products appear in online stores. Some of them become bestsellers, while others do not hit the spot. The time shows which solutions of big brands and small businesses are successful and which ones – will be not appreciated by the consumers.

The leading country in terms of innovative products is, of course, China. New items appear here genuinely every second; they astonish us and are quite often well-ahead of time. 

This article will highlight the top 5 new products on AliExpress that will help make your life a bit easier and much more comfortable. Do not be alarmed if you see no orders or user reviews. Some of the products appeared not long ago, and the users haven’t had time to try them yet. 

Signal Light Fish Bone

fish bone turn light signs

This signal light in the fishbone design will guarantee safe driving accompanied by a high level of genuine comfort and style. Your warnings of intended maneuvers will be more vivid for other drivers. The modern and eye-catching design will help you create a unique style for your motorcycle and draw the attention of all road users. 

The lights are made of lasting though flexible ABS plastic. It’s soft and has a pleasant touch. The lights will not immediately break in case of a motorcycle takedown.

The set consists of 4 lights, 3 LED lights in each. They shine in a wave-mode when the turn signal is on. Energy consumption is low and is as stated by the manufacturer. The lenses are smoke colored.

You can buy this product at as low as at $ 9,56 using this link

Dual Arc USB Lighter

dual arch electric lighter

Electronic lighters are an undeniable part of the modern world. The usage of electricity in lighters obviates the need for buying additional accessories and parts to gas and gas models (gas, silicon, etc.)

This product is a modification of popular dual-arc electronic lighters. The main plus of it is the size and a led display showing your battery level. 

The size of the lighter is 35.5*71.5*112 mm. As the item is king size, it’s equipped with a bigger battery, which lasts long, so you won’t have to charge it often. The manufacturer claims you can light 100 cigarettes without recharging. So you can charge it once in 1.5 weeks. 1.5 hours are necessary for a full charge.

The case is made of metal and has a modern minimalistic design. The lighter comes in 7 colors: from white, red, and black to rainbow. 

The seller includes a random gift in each parcel, which is very thrilling. The package looks festive, so this product will be a great gift for smokers which does not require additional packaging. 

You can buy this product at as low as at $ 4,98 using this link

Xiaomi Cordless Electric Screw Driver

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick screw driver

This is a perfect solution for home use presented to the public in 2018. Electronic repairing projects inside the house or in the car will not be a problem anymore. The pen-shaped design combined with powerful modern technologies will give you a new repairing experience. Automatic backlight switched on when the device is on helps to work even in dark rooms. The case is made of aluminum and is cylindered-shaped. The color of the screw driver – steel grey. 

XIAOMI screw driver works in 2 speed modes and has a ratchet wheel orientation that self-locks if necessary. It can be used in both manual and automatic modes for screwing, threading and drilling. There are 18 screw bits made of hardened alloy. They are of standard sizes, so you can use the ones not from this set if necessary. 

3 AAA batteries can continuously work for up to 8 hours. Xiaomi electric screw driver comes in a white box and is equipped with a magnetic board that helps not to lose the screws you have taken off. 

You can buy this product at as low as at $ 15,57 using this link

Unisex Crossbody Chest Bag

RUNNING TIGER cross shoulder bag

Many of us are used to wearing chest bags or backpacks when on a trip or in the city, or sometimes you just need “some more space”.

The Running Tiger chest bag will be a great solution in both cases! Released in 2020, it has already been ordered 702 times and has got 472 user reviews. 

The bag is made of artificial leather and is 33cm * 16cm * 8cm in size. The weight is very small – only 25 g! You can choose between 4 main colors: black, khaki, brown, and coffee.

There’s a cable hole on the side of the bag, as well as a cell phone pocket inside of it. You can wear the bag the way you prefer – cross-body or over the shoulder. 

The bag has 3 convenient exterior pockets that will help you organize all small items you want to carry with you. There are also interior pockets for your convenience. 

You can buy this product at as low as at $ 8,10 using this link

Kitchen Spices Organizer 

rotating kitchen spice organizer aliexpress

This rack rotating spice organizer is made of durable plastic. It is easy to handle, rotate, and requires only 15 cm to organize all bottles with spices! 

Go to the product page to see the video showing how convenient and space-saving the solution is! The capacity is up to 12 bottles. The dimensions are 27.5 * 10 * 8 cm. The store accepts Paypal and Pioneer payments.

You can buy this product at as low as at $ 12,15 using this link

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