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How to Buy Wholesale on AliExpress

How to Buy Wholesale on AliExpress

An idea of starting a business with AliExpress might come to the mind of anyone who has ever tried shopping on AliExpress and took benefit of the affordable prices and a wide choice of products. Not only experienced retailers start business with AliExpress. The beginners may try their hand at online retail too. One of their first questions will be how to buy wholesale on AliExpress?

First of all, you must know that the biggest Chinese wholesale platform is Alibaba bearing the same name as the company that owns AliExpress, TMall, and dozens of other online stores, warehouses, and numerous projects. You can mainly buy wholesale from Alibaba, though for some products you can also make single orders.

You can also buy wholesale on AliExpress. But keep in mind that the sum of the order should not exceed 1,000 euro in cost and 31 kilograms in weight. Otherwise, you will have to pay the customs duty. Thus, for Russia, the customs duty will be equal to 30% of the products’ cost (starting from 4 euro per 1 kilogram). Check the customs fees for your country before you order anything not to lose in fees more than you can earn from such a shipment.

Peculiarities of Buying Wholesale

Let’s see how to buy wholesale on AliExpress. It is important how many pieces you are going to buy, as not all AliExpress sellers can process wholesale orders. Besides, there are commercial lots – the products for resale, not for personal use.  Obviously, such lots are subject to the taxation (both in China and in the country of import). The tax will be imposed even if a commercial lot costs less than 1,000 euro.

The orders consisting of more than 5 similar products are considered to be commercial lots. So be ready to pay +30% of products’ cost if you buy more than 5 pieces. There is another way. Make orders for different names and addresses (of your friends and the family). Yes, this method will take a lot of energy, and there is no guarantee that the plan will work out without a hitch. In case something goes wrong, remember that in most countries you can refuse to receive the order and pay the customs duty (check the laws of your country!).

How to Make Wholesale Orders on AliExpress

how to find wholesale on aliexpress

If bulk orders are available for the chosen product, you will find the “Bulk price” button in the drop-down menu under the price. Here you will learn the number of the same products that can be bought at a time and the discount for bulk orders. If you are interested in making a wholesale order, click this button and learn the details. Each shop defines what orders are considered to be bulk ones at their sole discretion.

wholesale from aliexpress

The placement of a wholesale order does not differ a lot from that of a 1-piece order. The only difference is that AliExpress doesn’t allow to choose the size and the color for wholesale orders. This is why you will need to ask the seller about the colors and the sizes.

Before ordering a wholesale lot, send a private message to the seller to find out how many pieces, colors, and sizes are available.

How to Find Wholesale on AliExpress

There is also a “Wholesale” section among the categories on AliExpress. Type “wholesale” in the search box on AliExpress to find it. The structure of the category leaves much to be desired though.  It is supposed to have a collection of the sellers who offer wholesale products. But in fact, it’s not always so, though anyway better than nothing.

wholesale in aliexpress

Business starts when there are entrepreneurship, courage, and economy! Megabonus will help to save, the rest depends on you. If you buy wholesale on AliExpress, Megabonus cashback service will help you to save on your purchases. As the sum of the order is going to be big, you will receive impressive cash back as well. On average, the dropshippers who buy on AliExpress with cashback save several thousand dollars per month.  For example, if you make one wholesale order – 50 products that cost $8-10/piece, you will save $20-25 (up to 4,91 % of the cost). Please keep in mind that cash back is not credited for the shipping expenses.

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