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How to Open the Dispute on AliExpress if the Product Doesn’t Match the Description

How to Open the Dispute on AliExpress if the Product Doesn’t Match the Description

What can happen to AliExpress customers? Literally anything: poor quality or stains on the clothes, cheap fabrics, color or size discrepancy, and so on.

No doubt, it is unpleasant. But AliExpress created a refund program to resolve such issues. You can use this program with the help of “Dispute”. So how to open a dispute on AliExpress if the product doesn’t match its description?

Every user who has signed up for AliExpress has a personal account called “My AliExpress”. There you can pay for the product, track the parcel and open disputes for an order if necessary.

Open a Dispute

To open a dispute, click the “Open Dispute” button next to the chosen product.

open dispute button AliExpress

You will see the application you have to fill in. It consists of three parts:

Refund Only or Return Goods

Aliexpress refund

When you press the Open the Dispute button, this is the first menu you are going to see. Choose Refund Only, as in case you decide to return the product to the store, this is you who will pay for the shipping.

Issue Description

dispute form Aliexpress

As we are speaking about the cases when the product doesn’t match its description, we will describe what to do in this case. Specify that you have already received the product. Then select “Item not as described” on the list.

Answer the question: How much money do you want to get back?

Below is a text field to describe the issue. Clearly and precisely describe the problem. There are only 512 characters available here so try to be short and concise.

The Pictures and the Videos

These files are necessary to win the dispute. The more convincing your application is, the more chances to get a refund you have.

A few things to take into account:

  • Make comparison using the pictures from the product’s page and the ones of the product you received. This way you will show what was promised and what you actually received;
  • If the issue is the wrong size, then place a ruler next to the product and take a photo; write the sizes in bold letters not to make anyone scrutinize the pictures and show what exactly doesn’t match the description;
  • Take the close-up pictures of the fault, so that it could be clearly seen.

The final step is the “Send” button. You are done, the dispute is opened! In case you have to make changes to the dispute – click “Edit”.

Dispute’s Result

Now you have to wait for the seller’s response for 5 days. If the seller accepts the dispute or ignores the application, you win the dispute.

But the seller can also reply and offer his ideas on resolving the issue. If the offer suits you, you can accept it. But be careful – often such offers are just tricks to cheat on you. If the offer doesn’t suit you, you can click “Escalate Dispute”. This way, the AliExpress administration will deal with it.

After the dispute escalation, AliExpress administration gets your claim and reviews it within from 1 to several weeks.

The administration negotiates with both sides and requests additional information necessary to take a decision. Check the dispute status at least once a day.

In fact, this is all you need to know to open and hold a dispute. We hope you can avoid such situations!

Also don’t forget to check the seller’s rating and the feedback of the customers before making the payment. This way you will hardly have to deal with a dishonest seller. Be especially careful when buying from the “Flash deals” or the “Super Deals” sections.

Too low price is a bad signal. Though you can always get up to 4,91% cash back on AliExpress by Megabonus.

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