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How to Extend Purchase Protection on AliExpress

How to Extend Purchase Protection on AliExpress

With great popularity comes great responsibility… That’s why AliExpress not only provides you with the opportunity to buy cheap products without much effort but also guarantees that everything goes smoothly. They call it Buyer Protection (before — Purchase Protection), and this program already saved people so much money we wouldn’t even try to guess the sum.

In this post, we will talk about the Buyer Protection Timer, what it is and how one can extend it.

Purchase Protection on AliExpress

The point is that AliExpress protects every buyer from unscrupulous sellers: from those sending goods of low quality to ones not sending products at all, trying to mislead or cheat people, etc.

AliExpress Buyer Protection Timer

This is a period of time when your order is protected by AliExpress. Normally, it lasts from 30 to 60 (sometimes even 90) days. During this time, you can apply for a refund if there are any issues with your order or it did not arrive at all. The dispute is the only option to get a refund on AliExpress, so always check your Buyer Protection Timer and extend it if necessary before you get your order and make sure there are no problems with it.

The Buyer Protection Timer is different for each order and can be found next to the order on your orders’ details page. Here you can see how many hours (days, months) are left on the Timer that starts right after the order is processed.

Extending Purchase Protection

Extending purchase protection is absolutely necessary when:

  • you’re going to open a dispute,
  • you didn’t receive the order and your buyer protection time is about to expire.

Once the Timer hits zero, you have 15 more days to file a dispute if necessary.

Go to the orders’ page, choose the order in question and press “Order details”. Find the following line: “Request to Extend Purchase Protection” on the page that opens. Extend Buyer Protection on AliExpress

Specify the period and press “Confirm”. The seller will either accept or reject your request then.

Extend buyer protection AliExpress

Guarantees Provided by the Purchase Protection Option

When the Buyer Protection is on, you can:

  1. File a dispute.
  2. Have a refund.
  3. Get comments from the store (in the dispute field).
  4. Get support from AliExpress in case you didn’t settle the issue with the store.

Do not forget that you can not only enjoy security guarantees but also get decent AliExpress cashback when buying with Megabonus.

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  1. I ordered an item over $700 did not recieved the goods. The order is closed and seller does not respond. What can I do?

  2. This is terribly unhelpful. There’s no indication on this where it reads “Request to Extend Protection”. If people like me knew where it was, we wouldn’t be searching the where in the first place. Useless.

  3. I ordered shies but seller sent me the socks I have not been able to open a dispute because they are claiming my order was shipped. Can someone help me with contacting Ali express so I can request a refund

  4. I ordered a household electric soya milk machine from a store called Bonnie Store on March 21st 2021 and received it on June 11th . I didn’t use the machine right away . After the first use, the machine was out of order. Dispute time had passed already on June 26th, I contacted the seller and they did reply on July3 2021 and July 20th, but it couldn’t help, I used it just one time and my $65 would then wasted, What can I do.

  5. I ordered from a store called arabella on AliExpress. I placed my order on the 29th of January and since then the tracking information had stopped displaying on the 8th of February. They claimed they have shipped out my goods and I should wait till 4th of April before complaining. So I waited and when I checked to see the parcel status I couldn’t believed they concluded the goods has been delivered which it hasn’t. There was no evidence showing it had reached my country. So I decided to open a dispute only to disbelief that the system says delivered so I can’t pick the option not received and I should wait till the 5th of May before opening a dispute. By then my time would have run out and My $69 would be wasted. Please what can I do. I feel so cheated

    • Hello. So, you did open the dispute, or did the system not let it go through? If yes, then wait and open the dispute when you are allowed to.

  6. I have ordered a fishing reel and battery order ID:8120153343295874
    Saltwater boat trolling electric fishing reel with 14.8V Battery
    I have received the reel but not the battery . Please check my order and
    If you’re not sending the battery please explain why

  7. Hi, i buy phone mi 10 ultra 2 weeks ago, but seller didn’t ship yet and not responding my massage, refund time in 39 days, i want phone

  8. Hello,
    I have a have a problem and I hope, that someone could help me. My order was shipped to my local post office, but for some strange reason the delivery failed. Few days later it was shipped to another country. My country’s policy is that if the delivery fails, the parcel has to be kept in local post office for 30 days. So my first question is, perhaps there’s an answer, why it was exported from my country. Second question is, what should I do know? I already contacted the seller about the problem, he advised me to contact AliExpress customs service, which I did the following. The information that I received is that they cannot see nor track the parcel anymore. So should I open a dispute and if so, what steps should I do (I’m new to this)? Since everyone that I contacted failed to answer my third question, I’m also asking, whether it’s possible to get that parcel shipped to my, or the only solution now is to get my money back?
    Thank you for helping!

    • Hello.
      You can open the dispute, but if the shipping address in the order is correct, you will not be refunded. If the problem is on the side of the postal service, you can only get answers from them.

  9. Am actually new on Ali express shopping. I placed an order for a product and the estimated delivery date is Sept. 18 – Oct. 3, while the buyers protection period ia about 66 days and few hrs & mins. And my tracking information reveals that the item has left its country of origin. Should I open a dispute when the estimated delivery date is reached or wait till when buyers protection period is about 15 days to expire? Please kindly advise me on what to do. Thanks.

  10. Order ID: 8018733564451033 Store name: Yi -Tongs 3C Store

    I need your help, I placed the above order after supplier confirm he has stock, I
    placed order on 28/08/2020 and paid extra for express delivery. On 02/09/2020 I
    received tracking info that my order shipped EMS EV931697348CN. But on 05/09/2020
    I received message from seller as follows ;

    “The system uploaded wrong tracking information for unknown error and makes you
    confused. We regret to tell you that the post office had returned your items with
    unknown reason and found the package has been damaged. The system have delay
    updated. We can’t resend the items to you at this moment because the product is

    I replied the seller I cannot wait longer asking for refund but the seller send me
    reply as follows;

    “In this case, you can open a dispute, it would be highly appreciated if you can
    choose the reason “personal reason” and then inform us? We will refund you later.
    If it shows that you can not open the dispute now, please try again 7-10 days
    later.(1) Choose “Return goods” (Do not worry, we will give up returns and you
    need not return item)
    (2) Choose the “Personal Reasons” as the reason of refund. (As other reasons have
    a great bad influence on our store, hope you could do us a favor, thanks in
    advance!) We will accept your application soon and Aliexpress will arrange refund
    to you within 3-20 days.”

    The seller asking me to Confirm Goods Received (which I have not) and then asking me to Return Goods(which I have not)which I have not received. And the seller asking me I cannot put as “no stock” but asking me to put as “personal reason”. This seller is not professional. The seller know that due to system error and the post office returned the item but until today the tracking information not updated. I am not able to open a dispute it
    says “You can “Open Dispute” 10 days after the seller ships your item(s)” but the
    item is not shipped and the seller knows and he did not correct the shipping

    Very poor protection for buyers from Ali Express. I will not shop anymore.

    Kindly resolve my problems.

    • You came across a dishonest seller on AliExpress. Do not agree to their offers!!! Shops on AliExpress do not make refunds to customers directly! You can only get a refund through the dispute.
      AliExpress does protect their customers. The only way you can lose your money is through trying to negotiate and settle an issue with an unreliable seller directly.
      So, what you have to do is:
      * If the order was not shipped – cancel the order. Choose a real reason for order cancellation. See screenshots with order cancellation reasons here.
      * If the order was shipped, open the dispute normally. Read this article and the one we mentioned above to do everything right. Choose real reasons and “Full refund”, attach screenshots of your PMs with the seller to show the AliExpress team the store tried to cheat you and screenshots from a parcel tracking system which would prove you didn’t get the parcel.

      Good luck!

  11. Hello
    I ordered on 22/5/20 and since then have been waiting few days ago the buyer protection period expired in which i contacted the seller about it and he said the parcel is still in transit. Please should i open dispute?

  12. I have tried to extend buyer protection on 4 different orders. Each time, I entered 10 for the number of days. When I submitted the request I got taken to a page that just says “Oops, you do not have the authority to be here” and the protection time was not extended.
    I have therefore written to the 4 stores and asked them to extend for me. Two stores have done so, but the other 2 have not. Following the tracking, I think the goods may arrive within 2-3 weeks, but the buyer protection will expire in 3 days. Therefore I have no choice but to open disputes with the stores that did not extend my protection. But then what do I do if the goods arrive after I have received a refund? It seems unfair to keep them for free!

  13. I ordered ip tv channel’s from aliexpress the orders closed and I did not get my refund then I text the seller they said wait up to 15 days I waited and did not get my refund then Told the seller again they said they allready refund me I contact my bank and they said nothing refunded its been 20 days and I did not get my refund yet which kind of company is aliexpress I shop a lot online and this is the FIRST AND THE LAST time with aliexpress Im never gonna shop from them any more even them customer service not way to contact them , I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK

    • AliExpress could have protected you in case you used their refund system – the Dispute. In this case, you were cheated by a dishonest seller. They asked you to wait for 15 days following the date the order was closed – this is the time when the customer can open the dispute and get a refund. Now you cannot get your money back. Please be careful and do not accept tricky offers from the sellers! Study the Aliexpress dispute rules and open the dispute (no matter what the seller tells you) in case you face some issues with your order. Aliexpress always protects its customers so please use their official instruments for customer protection.

  14. Hi
    I am following my dispute for a long time. Suddenly, the dispute was disapperad. The seller sent me an empty pocket that you can put it in the garbage instead of a package of mask. First, AliExpress judged and agreed with me but later the dispute was removed and I don’t know how I can complain for the seller. It is a fraud

  15. I placed and paid for my order on 4/06/20. I received notification of successfully delivered when I did not receive anything. I went to my local post office twice as advised by the seller and aliexpress but nothing was there for me. I opened a dispute but aliexpress replied that they have released my money to the seller. I contacted the seller. He told me to contact aliexpress because it’s logistics issue. My £30:55 is still with aliexpress. I can reach the customer service online or no way to contact aliexpreas This is painful to know that aliexpress are scammers in this pandemic.

    • It looks like you didn’t provide the evidence the parcel was not delivered, so the Aliexpress team judged in accordance with the information on the order they had at hand. Aliexpress itself does not cheat the customers, as they will lose trust and the customer flow this way. These are only the sellers who can cheat the buyers.

  16. Hi,
    I am writing about one of my order which I am terribly dissapointed what I faced with your service and can not reach anybody to tell my problem about dispute progress.

    The order I have received was not working. I opened dispute and explained with a video.

    After that your customer services asked me to make another video, with more details.

    I made second video to prove it was not working.
    After second video, you asked me to send item back to the company and I just did.

    But I had to pay another shipping fee to return for damaged product.

    So in the end ;

    I paid for

    – Product itself
    – Shipping fee
    – Tax fee
    – Returning fee

    During all these shopping progress, I had to wait 3 weeks to receive ‘damaged’ order.
    After I found It was damaged I had to make 2 videos and had to upload it to you very slow servers.
    In the end I had to go to post Office and wait in the long queue to send it back and even pay again for shipping.
    And now still I have to wait at least 30 days for seller’s respond and get my refund. Even seller refund I spend almost half price of product for shipping fees + tax.
    I do not even say about time I lost.

    This experiences what I faced with your company is totally unacceptable and shame on you.

    Order number : xxx

    totally unacceptable

  17. The package has not been received and automatic confirmation mark my order as received.After that i have 15 days to open dispute,but protection period is extended and running.How can i get my money back when 15 days have passed?

  18. It’s not even possible to contact the sellers, if they don’t reply nobody cares – I have the oroif being a diamond buyer, now one seller is protected, goods were not sent with DHL as I paid but the system says I can’t open a dispute because my shpt is on it;s way to me??? Then the sellers deadline was may 6th 2020, now I woke up today and it’s may 13Th ?Thus would bever be hapoening on Amazon where buyers gave 100% Protection , I used to sell on Amazon not a big fan but maybe it’s time for chinese companies to adapt to the world , you don’t bite the hand who feeds you, I have everything ready to open my dispute

  19. My order has been paid on Feb. 24 2020
    After 46 days did seller send me message :
    “Dear friend,
    Due to the epidemic causing a lot of flights cancelled,your package was returned.
    Please don’t worry, I have resend for you and the package is in transit.
    the new track number: xxx
    track website:
    best regards.”
    On 60th day i opened dispute.
    What should i do now ? I did send request to extend buyer protection (after 2 days no reply)
    -I would like to wait till package come, but is this site trustful ?
    -I am not sure if there is any chance to get my money back, when aliexpress protection was over

  20. There is no option showing to extend. This order has already been extended once since I ordered it in February 2020, it is nownearly end of April 2020.

  21. I bought some products from Aliexpress on the 10/01/2020 which is expected to arrive on the 31/01/2020. The products are yet to arrive at the named place of destination.

    • It can take up to 2 months for the products to be delivered in case they were shipped from China. Please check the Buyer Protection timer and extend it if necessary.

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