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How to Get Cash Back on AliExpress via the Mobile App

How to Get Cash Back on AliExpress via the Mobile App

Cash back is getting more and more popular among online shopping addicts. Nowadays many people tend to use any opportunity to lower the price of the product. Smartphones made shopping easier than ever – you can buy anything and everywhere, even when stuck in a line or traffic jams. Buying via the smartphone is even cheaper than via the PC. Some stores offer additional discounts for those who use mobile apps. One of such stores is AliExpress.

How to Buy on AliExpress Even Cheaper with the Help of the Mobile App?

AliExpress mobile app itself doesn’t provide cash back, but there is an opportunity to get an additional discount.

Download the AliExpress mobile app and always use it to do shopping. An additional “mobile” discount depends on the category of the product. Sometimes you can have real bargains.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to search for the necessary products via PC. But if you don’t want to lose an additional discount, there is a method for you to synchronize the devices.

As soon as you chose the necessary product in the mobile app, add it to the WishList or the Cart.

AliExpress Wishlist

Then go to the corresponding section of the website using your PC and complete the purchase from there.

AliExpress Wishlist Desktop

! Please note you won’t get cash back for the products added to the Cart on your mobile and paid for from a different device.

How to Get Cash Back on AliExpress in the Mobile App

The methods listed above are not cash back, it’s a discount offered by AliExpress for using the mobile app. But you can get a part of your money back by installing the Megabonus cash back mobile app.

Install Megabonus Cash Back iOS app

Install Megabonus Cash Back Android app

Run the app and select the necessary store, AliExpress in our case. Megabonus will launch the AliExpress app. Obviously, you need to have both the apps installed on your smartphone. After taking these actions, you will be able to save more in cash back for every purchase. A discount for the purchases made in the AliExpress mobile app and high cash back on AliExpress from Megabonus will make your shopping more economical and even more pleasant.

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