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What Does “Awaiting Payment” Mean on AliExpress?

What Does “Awaiting Payment” Mean on AliExpress?

Sometimes there are failures in the payment system of the AliExpress online store. The payments can be stuck. The reason is that the platform is overloaded with a large number of visitors. For example, it often happens during the sales and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when millions of people buy products from the “Flash Deals” section.

What does “Awaiting Payment” mean?

I.e. irrespective of the actual charge of money from your account on such busy days you have the “Awaiting Payment” status after the payment. It means that the funds haven’t reached AliExpress yet. Yes, it usually takes just a few minutes. But in case of high loads, it can take up to 3 business days for the AliPay system to process the payment.

What should I do?

Let’s start with what you mustn’t do. Don’t make the payment again. This way you will pay for the same order twice and both payments will be credited to the AliExpress account later. You will have another problem – how to get one of the payments back.

Don’t listen to your inner voice calling to cancel the order.

  • Wait (from a few hours to a few days).
  • Contact Aliexpress customer support for the explanations.
  • Follow their instructions.

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How to contact the AliExpress Customer Support Service?

Have a look at the menu in the bottom left corner of the website and find the “Customer Service” section.

aliexpress customer support

On the “Customer Service” page you will see the signs related to different topics. Select the “Payment” section.

aliexpress payments issues

You will see the questions’ list. Choose one of the following topics (or the one you need) depending on the issue:

  • How to solve payment issues?
  • Why the order status shows “Payment being verified” after payment?
  • How to add a card and manage it for payment?

aliexpress payments questions


Press any of the links to get more information or use The “Online Service” button. By clicking it, you will enable a chat with Eva, a helpful bot used by AliExpress to help the customers quickly find answers to their questions.

eva aliexpress bot

Ask a question and attach a screenshot if needed. You can not only find helpful information, but also open disputes with the help of Eva.

We wish you fast payments processing, maximum cash back on AliExpress, and friendly service!

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  1. I paid with a debit card and the funds have been deducted from my account but on Ali Express it’s saying awaiting for payment. So should I just wait a few days or what? I have been trying to contact support it is just a robot that keeps saying the same thing over and over.

    • Hello, i’m having a similar problem ”awaiting payment” after funds have been deducted from my card.
      please tell me, how was your problem solved?

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