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What Does “Fund Processing” on AliExpress Mean

What Does “Fund Processing” on AliExpress Mean

Making orders on AliExpress is really easy. Many people don’t notice the contradiction between the status of the order and the actual state of the order when making the payment. So the frequent question is what the “Fund Processing” on AliExpress means.

The customers don’t understand why the order doesn’t get the status “Complete” after they confirm delivery. They see the “Fund Processing” status instead. Here’s the reason: AliExpress transfers money to the seller only when the customer confirms they received the order. The status we are talking about means the beginning of this transaction.

Why Sometimes the Fund Processing on AliExpress Takes Too Long

AliExpress provides extended buyer protection. Let’s see what it is.

If you confirmed the delivery of the order (accidentally or deliberately), you have 15 more days to open the dispute in case you need it. There are no special timers but this function is available. Only when 15 days expire, your order will be finished and the seller will get the money. It means that the confirmed order can have the “fund processing” status for 15 days.

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So the “Fund Processing” status means that everything is okay and you have nothing to worry about. The status applies to the seller not you. You are not responsible for anything at this level, so just enjoy your parcel.

Don’t Confuse “Fund Processing” with the “Awaiting Payment” and the “Payment Being Verified” Stages

The first status means that the payment hasn’t been transferred or credited yet. For example, you have added the product to cart but didn’t make the payment. You will see the status “Awaiting payment” next to such an order. The same status can be seen even after the payment is made. It can happen during the sales when the AliPay system is overloaded. The payments are processed slowly on such days and the statuses are updated within a few hours.

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“Payment being verified” means the verification of the payment (the verification takes place independently of the payment methods, no matter whether you use a bank card, an electronic wallet or a bank wire). AliExpress guarantees the security to both the sellers and the customers and this is why they have to check your payment is legal.

Cash back on Megabonus also depends on the order status on AliExpress. As soon as we receive the notification from AliExpress that the order is paid and successfully delivered, your cash back from AliExpress is credited to your account.

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