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Top 10 Car Media Players on AliExpress

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Top 10 Car Media Players on AliExpress

Most car enthusiasts know that you can buy a car multimedia player of any price and configuration on AliExpress. The price is lower than in any offline store. And also, you can get cash back. All you need is to choose from hundreds of models from various manufacturers. It may be difficult to make a choice. We made a rating of the best car multimedia players on Aliexpress in 2020 to help you with the choice.

1 DIN is good but 2 DIN is better

Let’s discuss the standards first. Modern multimedia players are divided into 2 main categories recognized by all car manufacturers. They are called 1 DIN and 2 DIN. The right choice of the player depends on the size of your car. The DIN standards determine the size of the player.

The DIN standards originated from the German standard called DIN 75490, which determined the height, width, and depth of the device built into the panel. According to this standard, the width and height of the player were 178×50 mm. And the depth could vary but usually, it was 160 mm.

A modern 1 DIN car multimedia player is 180×50 mm. The 2 DIN multimedia player is twice as wide – 180×100 mm. This is not a coincidence. Such width of the 2 DIN player allows building in more useful options into it. Usually, they have a rather wide touch screen, a GPS navigator, and a module for displaying video files, as well as Internet access.

The Rating of the Best Multimedia Players on AliExpress in 2020

How to choose a player? We checked the models from many manufacturers. In addition to the standard ones, it is worth paying attention to other features that are important for each driver. For example, AliExpress sells players with a DVD drive that can play both CDs and DVDs.

Also, the player can be chosen by the operating system, sound quality, navigation system, or price.

So, let’s start with the 1 DIN multimedia players.

1-DIN Multimedia Players

1. HIEI SX-5513

HIEI SX-5513 player

Price: $14.65 – 15.38 and cash back on AliExpress from Megabonus.

SX-5513 is a product by the Chinese brand HIEI. Despite the fact that the SX-5513 is quite a cheap player, it has pretty high-quality sound. The output power is 60 W and the speakers give an excellent result. The case of the gadget is made of aluminum and plastic, and the design is stylized as a radio receiver of the 1970s.

SX-5513 Bluetooth is very reliable allowing listening to music and receiving calls simultaneously. The built-in microphone is not the best, so it is better to purchase an additional one. The entire set is complete: a radio, an AUX output, flash drive, and memory cards’ connectors and a remote control.

2. WT0031

WT0031 media player

Price: $22.89

This affordable player from a no-name Chinese manufacturer is very popular among car enthusiasts. The fact is that the WT0031 model has really good Bluetooth allowing listening to your favorite music directly from your smartphone. You can also use the Hands-Free system.

Background noise is well suppressed both while listening to music, and while talking on the phone. The 2.5-inch screen displays the caller’s number. The gadget is equipped with an AUX output and USB and an SD card reader.

3. Hikity 4022d

Hikity 4022d player

Price: $28.58 – 45.35

This gadget has a great design. The player has a 4.1-inch full digital TFT screen with 800*480 pixels resolution despite the fact that it belongs to the 1 DIN standard. Hikity 4022d is able to play videos of various formats: RM / RMVB / MP4 / FLV / MKV / 3GP / AVI / ASF / SWFMP1 / MP2. Such a screen still won’t give you a real pleasure from watching a movie or using the navigator, but still, these functions come in handy.

But although the screen looks exactly like the screen of a smartphone, it is not a sensor so you can’t control it with the fingers. This is a little discouraging.

But still, Hikity 4022d is easy to control as it has a really intuitive interface. It is possible to connect a rear view camera. The gadget has an SD / MMC card slot and a USB 2.0 port. There are 2 remote controls. It’s a good choice for those who want to get a nice gadget for a reasonable price.

4. Hikity P5140

Hikity P5140

Price: $24.80

Another car multimedia player by Hikity painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Designers have provided as many as seven colors to illuminate the control panel next to the 4.1-inch touch screen –  choose anyone to your taste.

The Hikity P5140 is synced with most devices including Hands-Free via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, GPS and WIFI are not supported. But this car radio has the ability to connect a rearview camera, for better control of the blind spots behind the car and even more convenient parking.

Of course, there is a digital FM radio. The P5140 supports the following audio formats: MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC / APP and the video formats such as RMVB / RM / VOB / MP4 / MOV / AVI / 3GP. There are USB, AUX, TF-card slots to use external media, and also a USB connector. There are 2 remote controls.

2-DIN Multimedia Players

5. Podofo 7010B

Podofo 7010B

$24.94 – 91.26

Podofo 7010B is cheap for a 2 DIN camera. Its price on AliExpress varies from $24.94 to 91.26. This is an advantage of the model.

However, cheap does not mean bad. For this money, the gadget plays video and music in high quality and is also equipped with a lot of useful functions. Podofo 7010B has a seven-inch screen providing a great picture in FULL HD quality. You can also receive an image from the rear camera. Podofo 7010B supports the following video formats: AVI / MP4 / FLV / PMP / RM / RMVB / MPG.

When listening to audio files, it is very convenient for the driver to adjust the volume, since a special convex wheel is located on the left side of the front of the player. Also, the volume can be adjusted with a remote control. There is Bluetooth to sync the smartphone and other devices.

It’s obvious that the capabilities of the Podofo 7010B are much more modest than those of more expensive models. For example, the player doesn’t have Internet access and you can’t use it as a GPS navigator.

Podofo 7010B is the best choice for car enthusiasts who need a wide-screen device with simple functionalities.

6. Podofo 7


Price: $54.77 – 68.88

This car multimedia player is considered the best among devices that have the GPS feature. The size of the touch screen of this model is 7 inches, and the resolution is 1024×600 pixels. This allows passengers to watch movies on the go, as well as use all the multimedia features of the gadget. The radio is equipped with the Android operating system.

There is a built-in GPS-module in Podofo 7 allowing connecting to satellites and determining your location. Podofo can build the routes, even if the connection with the satellite is lost. You can also download maps and use them without the network connection.

Bluetooth allows syncing Podofo 7 with any device and there is also a built-in Wi-Fi module that extends the capabilities of Internet surfing.



Price: $145.00

This 2 Din player has a great sound. All customers are happy with the sound quality. The quality of the bass also is high.

This device has everything for melomans. Even if you listen to music in the navigation mode, you can switch your favorite songs using six buttons in the front panel. And if you decide to turn back by shifting the gear, the radio will take care of your safety. At this point, the sound level will automatically drop to the minimum.

Everything else also works great. The player’s loading speed is just a couple of seconds. There is Android 6.0 installed. The system is updated to the latest version via Wi-Fi. There is a video camera, a USB, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectors. ATOTO A6 simultaneously receives signals from 11 satellites.

Multimedia Players with DVD Drives

Nowadays computer and smartphone users prefer flash drives and SD cards for storing music and video files. Or they simply connect their mobile phones to the players and listen to music via the Internet. However, there are still some people who have CDs and DVDs in their collections and need such devices. JUNSUN CAR VW1 is one of the gadgets with a DVD drive.



Price: $161.99 – 194.39

VW1 is the oldest model by a Chinese brand Junsun. JUNSUN CAR VW1 differs from the later models by its technical characteristics. For example, the player has a minimum storage space and only 256 MB of RAM. But you get an 8 GB SD card for free. But it’s not important for those who buy it for a DVD drive to listen to their favorite CDs from over 20 years: Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Doors and so on. Moreover, the JUNSUN CAR VW1 looks quite stylish, and it works quite quickly.

In addition to the DVD-drive, it has the navigation system.

9. Ownice C500

Ownice C500 player

Price: $199.99

Ownice C500 device is one of the best 2 DIN Android players and it also has a DVD drive. Ownice C500 has the Android 6.0 Mashmallow operating system installed. This greatly expands the capabilities of the device.

The operating system is very reliable since the player has 2 Gb of RAM and an 8-core processor. Such technical capacities allow downloading and installing any application. Ownice C500 is equipped with a SIM card slot so you can go online to download maps, read the news, or update the apps if necessary.

The design of the Ownice C500 is simply beautiful. The seven-inch screen translates the picture in Full HD quality. Another advantage of the device is its reasonable price. Ownice C500 is the best choice for those who can have enough money and want to get a car player with many features.

The Best Retractable Players

These players are very popular. They are suitable for many car models. The trick is that retractable players can be easily installed in a standard 1 DIN socket, while 2 DIN devices don’t fit there. With a retractable player, you get a modern media system with a large number of various functions, usually available only to owners of large and expensive models.



Price: $59.15 – 104.03

Usually, the car players equipped with a retractable screen are considered to be much more expensive because they belong to the premium class. But you can always find quiet cheap models such as PolarLander 9601.

Its main advantage is its design. The PolarLander 9601 supports multimedia of all formats, has Bluetooth, supports a rear-view camera, a MOSFET audio power amplifier, and much more. It is controlled by the buttons on the steering wheel. Another feature of the PolarLander 9601 is its multilingual interface.

We wish you smart purchases on Aliexpress with cash back from Megabonus.

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