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What is a refurbished product on AliExpress

What is a refurbished product on AliExpress

Many customers who often place orders on AliExpress, saw in the catalog things with the mark “refurbished”. What is this, is it worth buying such things? Let’s figure it out.

What is a refurbished product

On an online shopping site, you may see the mark “refurbished” in the product card. This means that the appliances or electronics have been repaired.

Such a thing is also called restored goods. Most often smartphones and other electronics such as laptops, tablets, video projectors fall into this list.

This is not a fake, but an original item that had any defects whatsoever:

  • external damage (case, screen);
  • non-working parts or individual components (boards);
  • malfunctions.

The seller performs repairs by his own forces or in service centers, and then sells the equipment at a reduced price. The discount for such goods, on average, is 40-50%, but it can be higher.

To see the condition of the item – new or repaired, you can see in the product card (in the description or characteristics).

Such purchases are like a lottery. In 90% of cases, customers receive a quality smartphone, tablet or laptop after it has been refurbished.

There are two ways to find a refurbished product on AliExpress.

  • Select the desired section in the catalog.
  • On the search panel by parameters, which is located on the left side, select the filter “Status” – “ Refurbished”.

The second way is to use a search engine. For example, you are choosing a refurbished tablet. Enter the request in the search bar and see the offers of all sellers.

What kind of warranty AliExpress offers on refurbished goods

How to buy refurbished goods on AliExpress

The warranty policy of AliExpress is different for each country. In most cases, the warranty is provided by the seller, so you can familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions in the product card or on the store page.

Many sellers set the warranty period for refurbished goods equal to 6 months. Some stores offer a 1-year warranty. Return or repair is possible in case of a warranty case.

Contact the seller and ask questions about warranty service before placing your order.

When you purchase a refurbished item, you can save even more by activating cashback from Megabonus. Customers can get back up to 4.3% of the purchase amount.

Tips for buying refurbished goods on AliExpress

To buy a branded item with maximum discount, you can choose a refurbished item. Previously, the probability of buying quality appliances after repair was equal to 50%. Today, this indicator reaches 90% and more.

When choosing appliances or electronics:

  • read the specifications and description;
  • check the seller’s rating;
  • read other customer reviews;
  • open a chat with the seller and ask questions about the order you are interested in.

Refurbished appliances, electronics and other items can be issued a return and receive a 100% refund. To find out how to return goods on AliExpress, read here.

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