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How to Change Your Credit Card on AliExpress or Add a New One

How to Change Your Credit Card on AliExpress or Add a New One

You can edit the number of the saved card on AliExpress at any time. You can also add a new card or remove an old one immediately when you need it. Here’ a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to change your credit card on Alipay

All the transactions on AliExpress go through the Alipay payment system – PayPal analog in the Philippines. It allows making fast and secure online payments. When you have an Alipay account, you can pay with it in different Chinese online stores.

Linking a Card on AliExpress

Once the payment for an order is complete, AliExpress suggests you to “Link a card”. If you agree, the card is added to the Alipay system, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re automatically signed up for Alipay now though. And to unlink your card, you may have to register and create an Alipay account.

To manage your cards on Alipay, log into AliExpress and go to “My AliExpress” – “My Alipay” – “Account”. When you press this button, you will be asked whether you agree to be redirected to Alipay.  After that if you don’t have an account in Alipay, you will be offered to create it using the email address from your AliExpress account. Then you have to fill in the password for Alipay and choose 3 security questions, and your account is active.

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Press “Go to my Alipay” and choose the “Manage your cards” link. On the “Manage your cards” page you can do the necessary changes: add a new bank card and remove a linked one.

Changing card when paying for purchases on AliExpress

On the “Choose your payment method” page AliExpress suggests making payment by a saved card, a new card or using any other method. If you want to add a new card to pay for the order, choose to add a new card and fill out its details. AliExpress will offer to link this card to Alipay. If you agree, you will have your card added to Alipay. To remove the card, go to your Alipay account and follow the instructions.

How to change card in Megabonus account

To have your cash back from AliExpress credited to a card different from the linked one, go to your Megabonus personal account and open the “My payment information” page (in the drop-down menu to the left). Edit the card details and save the changes.

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Enjoy your shopping!

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  1. Can’t believe how difficult it is just to add a new credit card. Cannot find the option to do so even though I managed to get to the “Cards and Bank accounts” menu.

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