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When to Open the Dispute on AliExpress

When to Open the Dispute on AliExpress

Surprisingly, many people don’t know there is the “Buyer Protection” program on AliExpress. Let’s consider the cases when you can take advantage of the program and open a dispute.

Violation of Delivery Terms

One of the best points on AliExpress is that all sellers are responsible for the timely delivery of the products.

The shipping terms for your country are usually indicated on the product’s page.

AliExpress Delivery Time

Check what country is selected in your regional settings to make sure you see relevant terms.

You can get a refund in case the shipping term expired and you didn’t get receive the product. Open the dispute.

Open Dispute on Order AliExpress

Return Guarantee

You can request a refund in case there is a refund guarantee. It allows you to return the order without giving any explanations. The product mustn’t be damaged or defective.

Violation of Authenticity Guarantee

Another reason for opening a dispute might be that you ordered an item of the original brand and received a fake product instead. In this case, you get a full refund including the shipping cost.

You can check what guarantees apply to the item on View Detail page of the order.

Product Doesn’t Match Its Description

Another common case is that the product differs from the description and the pictures.

It’s appearance, characteristics, sizes, and the composition may differ. Don’t worry – open a dispute and get a refund.

To avoid such situations, take the following steps before placing an order:

  1. check the store’s and the product’s reviews
  2. pay attention to the store’s rating,
  3. communicate with the seller if necessary,
  4. use the Megabonus extension to get a full analysis of the store and the product. The extension will also show you where to buy the product cheaper.

Megabonus Seller Check

However, usually, customers start checking reviews only when they have to open the dispute for the first time.

How to Resolve the Issue without Opening the Dispute

These were the reasons for opening the dispute on AliExpress. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s worth trying to mediate the conflict with the seller by contacting them via direct messages. You can do it on the product page or by clicking the “Contact Seller” link next to the order in the order list. It often happens so that the seller admits guilt. We are all only humans and we all deserve a chance to correct the mistakes.

Contact Seller on AliExpress

Of course, there are unreliable and dishonest sellers who would never admit they did something wrong or tried to cheat you. If you deal with such sellers, escalate the dispute and pass it to AliExpress administration.

Be careful and save money on AliExpress with cash back from Megabonus.

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  1. I order a product, now the seller clear all the products from their page. The item has not been shipped so i need a refund

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