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How to Order Several Products in One Parcel on AliExpress

How to Order Several Products in One Parcel on AliExpress

AliExpress is a smart marketplace that evolves every day. Convenient delivery is one of the advantages of the Chinese online stores united by the platform. You can get multiple products in the same parcel from AliExpress.

How to Order Several Products from One Seller on AliExpress

You can get 2, 3, 5, 10 or even more orders from one seller in the same parcel. This is very convenient both for the customer and the seller. It allows the customer not to track multiple packages; the seller can thus save on shipping expenses.

If you order 1-2 products in the same store on AliExpress and there are enough of these products in the warehouse, then most probably they will be automatically pulled together. Just choose several products from the seller and add them to the cart. When making the order just click “Buy from this seller”.

order from this seller aliexpress

If you order more than 2-3 pieces, it’s better to leave a comment for the seller. Ask them to send the products in the same parcel. Good AliExpress sellers will definitely take your wish into account.

Why Can Products from the Same Store Come in Different Parcels?

  1. Some products are available in the warehouse and the others are not. So they will be sent at different times.
  2. The seller buys the products from different stores.
  3. “Hot Deals” run out fast.
  4. During the sales’ fuss, it can be hard for the seller to control the parcels’ assembling.

And finally, there are unreliable sellers. All they want to do is to get the money as fast as possible and they don’t pay attention to the details.

Note: small parcels from AliExpress (less than 2 kg in weight) arrive as “small packages”. You can pick them up in your local post office. The parcels of more than 2 kg can mostly be picked up only in special offices due to the customs’ regulations. So if you ordered many products in one large parcel, double-check what office it is going to be delivered to.

How to Order Several Products from Different Sellers on AliExpress

It’s not possible to order many products from different stores at once because AliExpress is a platform uniting many small stores. It means that the sellers don’t cooperate to send their products in the same parcel.

However, it is not a problem as all parcels from AliExpress can be tracked along their way. You can pick them up in bulk. All parcels can be stored at the post office for 30 days. You can wait until several orders come to the post office and then pick them altogether.

The payment is processed simultaneously. The customers are charged by AliExpress and then the platform spreads the money among different sellers.

Tip: if you order more than 5 products, it’s worth checking if they can be purchased from the same seller. It can be cheaper as there is often a wholesale discount. You can also ask the seller for the discount. Usually the sellers are ready to drop the price for their customers.

How to Order Several Products of Different Colors on AliExpress

Perhaps, one of the disadvantages of AliExpress is the inability to quickly order products of different colors or sizes. But this is not a problem even if you make a large order. There are 2 possible solutions here: for small- and large-scale wholesale.

Small-Scale Wholesale

Usually, 2-3 pieces of different colors are ordered via the “Add to Cart” button. First select the color, then the size and then add to the cart.

order several colors of product on Aliexpress

Everything can be done in a few clicks. You will see the products of different colors in your cart and will be able to order them from the same seller.

get several colors of item in one order on aliexpress

Use the same method to order products of different sizes.

Large-Scale Wholesale

When making large orders, it is inconvenient to add products to the cart one be one. What if there are tens of them and every product is of a different color? Don’t worry, there is a way to go.

Before making a large order, contact the seller. There is the message button next to every item in the cart or in the “My Orders” section.

contact seller on Aliexpress

Tell them you want to make a wholesale purchase and ask for the best way to make such an order. Some sellers suggest adding 30 pieces to the cart and leaving a comment, for example, “2 red S size, 2 red L size, 3 green S size, etc.”. This way the seller will be able to collect the right order.

Sometimes every color or every size has its own item number. In this case, the seller will ask you to order every item separately and leave your wishes in the comments.

Tip: don’t forget to ask for a discount on AliExpress – you can get it as a price drop, with AliExpress promo codes or with “select coupons”.

In such cases, some customers worry that the products might be confused. However, it’s not the case when buying from an honest seller. But how to figure out if the seller is a reliable one?

How to Order a Product in Different Colors on AliExpress and Make Sure You Get What You Want

There are several factors the level of the seller’s reliability is based on:

seller / store rating Aliexpress

  1. Customers’ feedback. If a store on AliExpress has many followers, there are many product reviews and the rating is higher than 98% than you can trust this seller. You can see this information on the product page.
  2. Your personal experience. You can make a small order from a seller that looks reliable to you and see what they will treat your order like. Of course, issues might happen even after life-long cooperation but usually a dishonest seller can be determined at the first contact.
  3. Don’t trust the stores without a name and a definite range of products. If they offer different types of products (for example, clippers, accessories, and stationery at the same time), it means that they buy products from different stores. It’s better to stay away from such sellers.
  4. Use Megabonus extension. It shows the sellers’ reliability on AliExpress. The rating is based on the number and quality of the feedback and the time the seller has been on AliExpress. Megabonus also allows saving up to 4.91% in cash back on AliExpress.

AliExpress seller check - browser extansion

To conclude, it’s possible to make an order in one parcel if you buy from the same seller. But even if you didn’t manage to get all the products in the same parcel, don’t worry. You can pick up several packages at once at your local post office. The payment is also made simultaneously for all products.

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  2. Don’t forget that a high total amount can lead tot extra customs fees. Sometimes it is better to order a lot of small packages. Certainly if shipping is free.

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