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Guide to the AliExpress Summer Sale 2020

Guide to the AliExpress Summer Sale 2020

AliExpress summer sale is one of the top 4 biggest sales of this Chinese marketplace. It’s held annually in the middle of June and lasts for several days. This year it started on June 15 and will end on June 21 23:59 PT.

The core points of the 2020 summer sale this year:

  • Special promo codes for users from Russia and Turkey.
  • Speed delivery to Russia and Turkey.
  • Special Coupons and Store Coupons are available to users from any parts of the world. 
  • The discounts in all categories are from 50% to 90%. 
  • Special promotions in the AliExpress app that help to save more.

The page of the sale can be accessed from the main page of AliExpress. Remember to activate cash back before picking up coupons and adding products to the cart to additionally save up to 4.91% of the product price!

Save more with the AliExpress app

Participate in the following offers in the AliExpress mobile app exclusively to save more:

The Energy Lab

Download or open the AliExpress app. Find the game and choose the prize you want to get. You will be asked to fulfill one of the dozens of easy tasks to win. The 1,000,000 prizes are waiting for the customers to pick them up.

Slash It!

Buy cheaper with your friends! 

save on aliexpress

Get up to 99% off this way:

  • Select the product you want to buy.
  • Go to the product page or the store page. 
  • Share the link to the store or the product on your social media pages. 
  • Invite your friends to help. 
  • Get a discount when your friends log in.

Make sure to read about the change in the AliExpress terms before activating cash back!

Activate cash back and go to the sale.

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