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Top 10 Best Car Accessories from AliExpress

Top 10 Best Car Accessories from AliExpress

This is a new edition of our digest of useful and unusual products that you can find in our partner stores. Today’s subject is the best-selling car products from AliExpress. The range of the products on this platform can make anyone go crazy.

Multimedia Player

Car Multimedia Player

We can hardly imagine a modern car without the board computer and the navigation system. If your car doesn’t have one, it is worth buying a cheap and reliable multimedia player from AliExpress. It will help not only download maps and play the music but also play videos, have access to the Internet and much more. The reviews on the seller and the product are very good and the price is more than attractive.

Price: from $89.24

Rear Camera

Rear Cam

A rear camera will help you park your car even in a very tight space. The camera provides high definition images and gives pleasure from the process of safe parking. Moreover, the shipping is really fast!

Price: $29.99

Parking Radar

Parking Sensors

In case you don’t have a built-in parking sensor, we would recommend buying this one with no doubt. The shipping is fast. The reliability of the device is proved by tons of reviews.

Price: $14.20

Head Up Display

Head Up Display

A very useful device for long distance rides. It displays necessary parameters on your windscreen. The display shows the time, the speed, the weather and the maps. Now there is no need to check several screens or sensors. All information is collected in one place right in front of your eyes. There are numerous options of this device so you can use those that suit you.

Price: $31.70

Brake Fluid Sensor

Brakes Fluid Sensor

Pay attention to this brake fluid sensor. It will help to check the level of the brake fluid. It is not expensive, easy to use and there are many positive reviews from customers. On AliExpress you can find oil sensor as well.

Price: from $6.55

Auto Circuit Diagnostic Tool

Auto Circuit Diagnostic Tool

If you are a car repair enthusiast, you will find everything you need on AliExpress. This tool will help to check the wiring system and identify where the problem is.

Price: from $20.03

And here is a couple of useful little things:

Heated Seats Covers

Heated Seats Covers

This is a very useful product especially for those who live in the cold climate. If there are no heated seats in your car, this product will help you not to get cold when you get into your freezing car. There are options for one or two seats or for all sets in the car.

Price: from $11.15

Car Organizer

Car Organizer

An organizer for the car trunk. If you are tired of constant mess around your trunk, this is a perfect product for you. It has large pockets and helps to resolve the issue with all that stuff rolling over your trunk. You can find hundreds of options of this product on AliExpress so you can choose exactly what you are looking for.

Price: from $27

Car Air Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

Car Air Humidifier

If you are tired of standard aroma diffusers, you can try this cheap and useful product. It is filled up with aromatic oils and can be charged from the cigar lighter. It will not only produce pleasant smell but humidify the air as well.

Price: from $5.05

Winscreen Cleansing Tablets

Winscreen Cleansing Tablets

Not to waste your money on windscreen washer fluid, buy these solid tablets. Resolve one pill in the water and get several liters of  windscreen washer fluid!

Price: from $1.53

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