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How to Get a Discount on AliExpress

How to Get a Discount on AliExpress

AliExpress allows saving money when buying from this platform. But it is never too much when it’s about the economy. Regular customers are constantly looking for and finding the ways to get additional discounts. In fact, there are many of them, and most of the products can be purchased with an additional discount.

How to Get Maximum Discount on AliExpress

Flash Deals

AliExpress self-proclaims to be a platform with discounts of up to 90%. Can this be possible? Indeed, there are many products with incredible discounts on AliExpress. They can be found in the “Flash Deals” section.

flash deals on Aliexpress

An average discount for flash deals is from 30 to 75%. Keep in mind that the number of available products is limited. You can check not only active discounts but also those that are going to be launched shortly.

upcoming goods Aliexpress

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this section gets updated. Sellers post the products with discounts of up to 90%. They are sold instantly, so one needs to be patient and to update the page to be able to get a bargain.

Sales and Promotions

Another method to get a huge discount on AliExpress is to wait for big sales or promotions from specific sellers. The most impressive are the 11/11 Sale and the AliExpress Birthday Sale (that takes place at the end of March). Usually, sales take several days in a row.

During this period you can get bonuses for simple actions (for example, for adding products to the Cart), win coupons and discounts. If you are lucky enough, you can win a coupon for a thousand dollars. You can call it a 100% discount – the maximum one that can be found on AliExpress.

How to Get a Discount for the First Order on AliExpress

Newbies are welcome everywhere and especially on AliExpress. New users get a 3$ coupon upon the registration. This coupon can be used to pay for any product on AliExpress and can be applied to orders of $4 and more. It’s easy to get a coupon –  just register on AliExpress. You can do it via the “New User Zone”.

new user zone AliExpress

The coupon will be available right after the registration confirmation. You can save even more by combining coupons with other discounts, coupons, and promo codes. More on how to get $3 or $19 new user coupon upon registration on AliExpress.

new user coupons on AliExpress

How to Get a Discount in the AliExpress Mobile App

One more pleasant thing about AliExpress is its mobile app available both for Android and iOS users. The app combines convenience and economy.

The reasons why it can be even savvier to use the app:

  1. There is a special discount “For mobile purchases”. It’s not really big, only up to $5 but it’s a nice thing anyway.
  2. There are special offers that are not available on the website.
  3. You can win coins in the app exclusively that can be later spent on products or coupons.
  4. There are birthday gifts for users.

Besides, all promo codes, coupons and other discounts from the website are also available in the app. Sometimes you can even use them altogether and get an additional economy.

How to Get Additional Discount from the Seller on AliExpress

The easiest way is to go to the seller’s page and find out what promotions they are having at the moment. This information is placed in the “Best Deals” or the “Sale Offers” sections.

sale items in AliExpress stores

There is one more option – to ask the seller for the discount directly. It can be relevant if you buy several items from the same seller. Sometimes it’s worth attaching a screenshot of a similar product at a lower price from another seller. Usually, it works and the seller gives a pleasant discount.

Many honest sellers on AliExpress provide coupons: for example, a $2 discount for every $20 spent. There is only one disadvantage about these coupons: they can be spent only in the store that issued them and they have an expiration date.

How to Get a Birthday Discount on AliExpress

First of all, make sure to specify your date of birth in the AliExpress app. Visit “My Profile” to do it.

NB: this function isn’t available on the website.

It’s important to specify the correct date as you won’t be able to change it later.

Currently, the AliExpress app doesn’t send the notifications about the gift but it doesn’t mean AliExpress lies to its customers. It just means that the user should visit the corresponding section on their Birthday and get a gift. Usually, it is an up to 50% discount or a coupon for an impressive sum.

How to Get a Discount on AliExpress with Cash Back

Besides AliExpress’s own discounts, you can use the Megabonus service cash back options. Cash back is credited no matter how big the price of the product is. This is real money, not discounts, points or coupons. Cash back can be withdrawn to the credit card or an e-wallet. You can later use it to pay for purchases.

How to Get Cash Back on AliExpress from Megabonus:

  1. Sign up for Megabonus or log in via social networks.
  2. Select AliExpress and click “Buy with cash back”.
  3. Add products to the Cart and pay for them.
  4. Within 30-45 days after the purchase (when you confirm delivery), the cash back will be credited to your Megabonus account.
  5. You will be able to withdraw the money in the “My Wallet” section. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.5 (in case of withdrawals to an e-wallet).

There is also a convenient extension from Megabonus. It not only shows the cash back rate and sum but also protects customers from unreliable sellers on AliExpress. Besides, you can find similar products at a lower price, track parcels, read product reviews and share cash back links to earn with cash back.

 AliExpress seller check - Megabonus extension

How to Get a Coupon (Promo Code) for a Discount on AliExpress

The last but not the least method to save is to get a discount coupon on AliExpress from a specific seller or from the platform. In the latter case, the coupon can be spent at any store and in the first case– only at this particular seller’s store.

How to Get a Coupon or a Special Coupon on AliExpress:

  • during the sales;
  • for your birthday in the mobile app;
  • from a seller for particular actions (certain order sum or the number of items);
  • for the registration on AliExpress;
  • buy for the coins won in the mobile app.

Coupons have an analog – the promo code. Usually, it can be received during the sales or from certain sellers. We advise checking available AliExpress promo codes before shopping.

You can use coupons and promo codes at the checkout.

The best thing about AliExpress is that you can use multiple types of discounts at once. You can use coupons, promo codes and cash back altogether.

Here is an example:

Aliexpress Flash Deals offer

These watches from “Flash deals” cost $16.79 instead of the regular $239.90. You can use a $2 new user coupon and save some more. Megabonus will also add about $0.27 – $0.82 so the total economy is impressive.

So you can save up to 95% with the help of all those instruments. There are thousands of similar offers on AliExpress and they are regularly updated.

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