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What is AliExpress Pocket: How to Top It up and Use It?

What is AliExpress Pocket: How to Top It up and Use It?

The products are cheap but is it possible to save even more? This thought has probably come to your mind when buying on the popular Chinese platform AliExpress. And the answer is yes! One of the ways is using AliExpress pocket on AliExpress. Today we will find out what it is and how it can be useful to an experienced shopper.

What is AliExpress Pocket (Gift Cards) on AliExpres?

If you thought about how to present something from AliExpress to your family or friends, you can use this option provided by AliExpress.

It serves as AliExpress internal wallet: you can pay for your orders using it. So we can call it a payment method.

How Can AliExpress Pocket Be Useful?

  • Instant payment for an order (which is very important during big sales and for hot deals).
  • It’s easier to control your expenses.

Let’s dive into details now.

How to Buy Pocket on AliExpress?

It doesn’t take much time or effort. Go to “My Orders” section in your AliExpress personal account. Select “My AliExpress pocket”.

My AliExpress Pocket

NB! The service stopped working on June 15, 2019 and is unavailable any more.

This is your balance page. To top it up, find “Buy AliExpress pocket” button.

You will be offered five values: 10, 20, 50, 100 or 150 dollars. You can choose any or several at once. Let’s consider a $50 value.

NB: the total amount of your pocket can’t exceed $700. Pocket is valid for three years.

How to Pay for the Pocket

  • Bank cards;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Mobile balance;
  • Western Union.

You will see the funds immediately after the payment. Now you are ready to spend them!

How to Use AliExpress Pocket

It’s very easy: just select it as a payment method when paying for the order. You will see it in the list of available payment methods.

Another advantage of the Pocket is that you can spend it not limited to the value. How to pay for the order if the price is higher or lower? It’s very easy – in the first case you can pay extra using another method and in the second case you can spend your money later just as you pay by card or electronic wallet.

Cash back on AliExpress Pocket

We are now close to the most interesting thing – how to save the most money on online shopping. The best helper is Megabonus cash back service that helps to return money for your purchases on AliExpress. It’s simple: sign up for Megabonus, choose stores from the list and click “Buy with cash back”.

There is even a more convenient option – install browser extension and buy as usual.

Megabonus extension will:

  • tell what stores pay out cash back;
  • help to track shipments;
  • notify about the product’s price changes;
  • check the seller’s reliability on AliExpress.

The extension checks the reliability of all stores on AliExpress. The green shield means the seller is reliable and the reviews on a specific product are good.

How to save with AliExpress Pocket? The method is the same – make an order, pay for it and get cash back to your Megabonus account.  You can get up to 4.91% of the product’s price back with the help of Megabonus Loyalty Program.

NB: cash back isn’t credited for the purchases paid with AliExpress Pockets.

How to Get a Pocket (Gift Cards) for Free?

During the sales (there are many of them on AliExpress, the largest one is held on November 11) you can get a Pocket for free – you can win it. Unfortunately, on normal days you can only buy pockets.

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