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The Top Popular Products from TikTok

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The Top Popular Products from TikTok

TikTok is no more a place where you can only watch funny personal videos. All major brands have come to this social network, as well as renowned bloggers that make informal and eye-catching product reviews on TikTok. A special tag “iktokmademebuyit” appeared. The products you bought after watching TikTok reviews are marked with it.

It’s understandable that not all Chinese products are of the same quality. Some of them are really superb while the others should be avoided. Below is the selection of high-quality products that became popular thanks to TikTok reviews. Click the name of the product to watch the product card and the details.

Smartphone disinfection box

mobile sterilizing box

A modern solution that helps to disinfect small items that are often in use: keys, mobiles, or even a small purse. We have to disinfect mobiles to prevent not only coronavirus but also skin diseases, as you can have a skin rash on your cheeks and in your temples when you use a dirty mobile. The price of the sterilizing box is appr. $5.

Japanese toothbrush

japanese toothbrush

This ultra-slim toothbrush with 12,000 bristles helps to clean your teeth as thoroughly as never before.

Feet scrubber

feet scrubber

You may be amazed to learn that this product is one of the most popular and frequently-bought items in the selection. Dozens of Megabonus subscribers bought it when the product was reviewed on our social media. Maybe you need this brush too. Then scrubber is very easy to use: put it on the edge of the bath or fix it in any convenient way, add liquid soap and scrub your feet to perfection.

Head brush

head brush

No need to explain how important exfoliation is for the skin of your head. Nowadays a head scrub is used by most ladies. It will make a perfect set with a massage brush. Such a brush is safe for the skin of the body and head and stimulates hair growth. Try it for yourself!

Anti-acne pimples patches

acne pimple patches

An anti-acne remedy that really works. The customers report that they have been using the patches for several years and the effect is very positive. There are day and night patches, the day ones can be used even at work, as they are transparent and cannot be noticed when applied.

Water electric pipe

electronic dispenser

We already reviewed it before (appr. 2 years ago). The buyers’ interest and thousands of orders of the product prove it’s of high quality and convenient to use. Apply the pipe to the bottle of water, touch the top part of the pipe to have a glass of water. The price is below $10.

Ice roller for face

ice massager

One of the favorite gadgets of supermodels and bloggers. Helps to tone the skin and make it more elastic. It also improves local immunity.

Did you like any of the products or have any other ones to review? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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