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Top 10 Car DVRs from AliExpress

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Top 10 Car DVRs from AliExpress

According to the latest surveys, more than 70,000 road accidents happened only within the first 6 months of 2019. Almost 7,000 people died and the other 90, 000 were injured.

Even when you are an experienced driver who knows traffic rules well, you never know if this is going to happen to you. It might be the fault of another driver and then you will have to prove you are not guilty. Nowadays we have DVRs to record evidence. This device can record everything that happens on the road.

You can find DVRs for all tastes on AliExpress . There are cheap and expensive cams; you can find a dash cam with an anti-radar or radar detector, one with high resolution or even a device with two cameras. You can find a 3-in-1 device that combines a DVR, a GPS navigator, and a radar detector. When choosing a dash cam, pay attention to the camera resolution. This is the parameter that the quality of the video and the angle depend on.

To make your journey to the world of DVRs easier, we made this review of the top 10 DVRs from AliExpress you can buy with cash back.

Let’s figure out how to make the right choice. The most important parameters are the camera resolution and the angle. The higher the resolution is the easier the details are recognized, for example, the license plate of a car. The wider the angle is, the more details of the accident can be recorded on the video. As accidents sometimes happen at night, the quality of the night vision is very important. Also, modern devices can have 2 cameras – a front camera and a rearview camera.

Nevertheless, one of the most important parameters is still the price, more specifically the value for money which depends on many other parameters of the device. Let’s start the review with the cheap DVRs. Not every driver is ready to pay for additional functionality.

1. Podofo A1

Podofo A1 dvdr

Podofo A1 portable DVR is a simple and quite cheap model. This device has a wide-angle camera of good quality (140° angle) allowing recording FULL HD video with the definition of 1920×1080 pixels. There is a night vision mode, a G-sensor; also, TF memory cards are supported. The interface is translated into English, Russian, French, German, and Italian. The best value for money.

Price:  $23.81 – 37.18

2. Podofo G30

Podofo G30

Another good affordable camera with a sensor display. It is similar to Podofo A1 as it also has the same resolution (1920×1080) and a G-sensor but the angle is much wider –  170 °.

Podofo G30 looks like a photo camera. It has a 2.7-inch sensor screen that makes using the device much easier. One of the cool features of the device is the motion detection mode. When the camera is on, Podofo G30 starts recording whenever the sensor goes off.

The night vision isn’t that good although the manufacturer claims it to be of good quality. The license plates and traffic signs can be hardly recognized. However, videos recorded into the daylight are great. The license plates can be easily recognized from a 5-meter distance, the traffic signs are also clearly seen. If you are driving mostly in the daytime and don’t want to overpay, buy this DVR.

Price: $20.69 – 31.49

3. Xiaomi 70 Minutes

Xiaomi 70 Minutes

A great affordable DBR by Xiaomi. The camera resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The angle is 130 °. This is more than enough to capture not only what’s in front of the car but also in the adjacent traffic lanes. The traffic signs are easily recognizable but there might be some difficulties with recognizing the license plates. They are clearly seen in the daylight but not at night.

This DVR doesn’t have any screen that explains its reasonable price. It doesn’t affect your safety in any way but makes using this device easy and comfortable. You can edit the DVR’s settings via the mobile app.

Another advantage of the device is its compact size. Thanks to it you can use 70mai even on your motorbike or bicycle. The built-in 240 mAh battery guarantees the safety of your data even if the power is off. The battery life is about 20 minutes. To conclude, this is a very good affordable DVR.

Price: $35.99 – 44.99

4. Lenovo

Lenovo dvdr

There is a special type of DVRs that look like the mirrors with the rearview camera. They are really convenient and practical, but you can hardly call them affordable. One of the models of this type is Lenovo with a  9.66-inch screen recording high-quality Full HD videos in great colors. The supported memory cards are Class 10. There is also a G-sensor.

A wide 160 ° angle lens of the DVR  and the 1280 x 720-pixel camera eliminates blind spots. There are also front and rear cameras. The rearview camera helps to control the road both in the day and at night.

This DVR has all the necessary functions ​​and is worth the money.

Price: $61.59 – 72.24

5. YI Mirror Dash Camera

YI Mirror Dash Camera

Another DVR from this series is YI Mirror Dash Camera. It combines a mirror and a camera.

It’s very easy to use this DVR. There is a monitor in the middle of the mirror. It has a sensor screen that you can use to adjust the camera resolution, sound settings, shock sensor settings, the screen standby time, etc.

You can adjust the angle of the mirror and the lens. In the YI Mirror Dash Camera, the lens rotates horizontally and vertically. The camera resolution is 1920×1080 pixels and the viewing angle is 140 °. This model has built-in Wi-Fi, and a convenient mobile app.

The quality of the daytime video is good – all the details are clearly visible. However, when recording videos at night, sometimes there are highlights from the lights of moving objects. In general, the quality of the video is still good. The camera works really well, so the price is reasonable for this device.

Price: $82.79 – 100.53

6. Azdom GS63H

Azdom GS63H

If you are a big fan of late-night driving, then the Azdom GS63H is the best DVR for you. This device records video in 6 different formats. The maximum resolution is 1920×1080, which is more than enough to get a clear picture not only during the day but also at night.

GPS and Wi-Fi technologies are combined in this model, which is quite unique for modern DVRs. GPS is continuously on and instantly connects to satellite communications. Thanks to Wi-Fi, the video can be downloaded directly from your car without having to carry the device home. All you need is to install the LuckyCam app on your smartphone. It also allows controlling the Azdom GS63H directly from your smartphone.

Price: $53.58 – 84.57

7. Yi Smart Dash Camera

Yi Smart Dash Camera

This device looks like an action camera. Yi Smart Dash Camera is one of the best devices in its segment. And it’s no surprise – the first Yi models were sponsored by another well-known manufacturer: Xiaomi.

Yi Smart Dash Camera is configured via the mobile app. Video can be recorded in a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels or 2304×1296 pixels.

This Yi model has an impressive 165° angle. The camera records everything that surrounds the car while driving: not only its hood, but also the adjacent lanes, and even the curbs. The camera aperture is F1.8. With such parameters, the lens will do its job perfectly around the clock. The quality recording is good both in the day and at night: all traffic signs and license plates are clearly distinguishable. The image shot at night is slightly brightened, so all the details are visible even in the low light.

Among its advantages, this DVR has such an important function – ADAS, which is essentially a driver assistance system. For example, it analyzes the situation on the road, estimates the speed and distance to other moving objects, and warns the driver about any possible threats.

$36.74 – 46.76

8. Marubox M600R

Marubox M600R

If you decide to purchase a 3-in-1 device which is a navigator, a radar detector, and a DVR at the same time, then you should take a closer look at Marubox M600R. This model combines everything you need. Although the price is quite high, you won’t be disappointed.

This device has a high resolution of 2304×1296 pixels. The camera’s viewing angle is one of the best in the segment – 170°. It will capture everything you need: cars, traffic signs, traffic lights, pedestrians, etc. The quality of the daytime video is excellent. It’s a bit worse at night but not significantly. The license plates of other cars can be distinguished from ten meters distance just like any other details.

The built-in M600R GPS module constantly monitors the vehicle. If you are approaching the camera visibility range, the system will inform you in advance.

This device is great for those who dream of perfect pictures of good quality. The only disadvantage of Marubox M600R is its high price.

Price: $194.30 – 199.50

9. Xiaomi Smart Dash CamPro

Xiaomi Smart Dash CamPro

Another device from Xiaomi is the more advanced Smart Dash CamPro DVR. The viewing angle of this camera is 140°. This is more than enough to capture the car and the road in two directions, and even the curb. The image is slightly lighter than it appears. The camera aperture is F1.8.

The DVR has an ultra-high resolution – 2592×1944 pixels. In general, Smart Dash CamPro allows you to record an image in three ways at once:

  1. 2592 x 1944 (4: 3). One hour of video takes 10 GB.
  2. 2560 x 1440 (16: 9). One hour of video takes 8.6 GB.
  3. 1920 x 1080 (16: 9. One hour of video takes 7 GB.

To save memory, choose the second option – with this resolution everything can be easily distinguished.

The device has a voice control feature. But it is a bit buggy right now and only works with the Chinese language. Manufacturers promise to fix this shortly.

Smart Dash CamPro DVR supports Wi-Fi. To connect, just download the 70mai mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

$59.99 – 82.37

10. Xiaomi Mijia DDPai X2S Pro

Xiaomi Mijia DDPai X2S Pro

Xiaomi Mijia DDPai X2S Pro comes with two HD cameras that can be connected via an IP digital link. They have several positions and mounting angles. This allows controlling the situation on the road. The viewing angle is 150° -160°. The camera resolution is 2560×1440 pixels. Both cameras start recording immediately as you start the engine. The video can be watched in real time, or downloaded via the mobile app through the Wi-Fi connection.

After turning off the ignition, the DVR automatically switches to the single-frame shooting mode and conducts 24-hour parking monitoring. So you can always keep control of your car. The device isn’t really affordable, but the quality is good.

Price: $249.99 – 379.99

We wish you smart purchases. And 4.91% of cash back on AliExpress will make you even happier.

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