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What is the Size Chart for Shein?

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What is the Size Chart for Shein?

Megabonus Cash Back has more than 2,000 partner stores that operate in different parts of the world. When talking about clothing stores, it’s important to keep in mind that different size charts can be used. Today we will make a brief Shein size chart review.


Do you want to find out how to understand Shein size chart and see if it is accurate? Then check the information below we collected for you.

So, where do we find the size chart? Scroll any page on Shein to the very bottom and click the Size Guide link in the left part of the bottom menu. The page that opens contains the information on where you can find the sizing information on Shein, how to choose your best fit and how to find out the models’ sizes.

The model’s size if available will be displayed in the Size Chart block on the product page.

Size Chart for Shein

The link to the Size Guide can also be found on all product pages right under the list of available sizes. The size chart (Size&Fit) specific to the product is on the product page under the colors’ bar.

shein size chart review

Depending on the country, US, DE, EU or US size charts can be used on Shein. Please make sure you have the correct country settings before you buy.

How to take measurements for Shein clothing?

It’s better not to invent anything, just open the link with the product you want to buy, click the Size Guide link, check the How to measure section, and take the necessary measurements as shown in the sketches. There are helpful hints and pictures showing how to take measurements for all Shein products, so just check them and follow the instructions.

Size Chart for Shein usa

Is Shein true to size?

As we can see from the customer reviews, yes, it is, But you know there are always some nuances with buying clothing online. Moreover, even clothing of different brands of the same country can vary in size.

What we advise to do is to check the 5 following blocks:

  1. The Size Guide (in case you need to take some extra measurements or check the ones you have).
  2. The Size&Fit chart (to check the measurements of the product and the stretch and fit type).
  3. The customer reviews on the product pages.
  4. The measurements of the customers. Yes, check the review the customer left and also, their size and measurements and compare them with yours. They can be of great help to you.
  5. And, of course, the photos. They are very important when you need to see the length and the fit.

We wish you a great shopping with up to 6.7% cash back on Shein!

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  1. In shein sizes for men, a small says its a 40 bust. So should i order a small since a 40 bust is a medium and i ware a medium?

  2. Why does it have product measurements and then body measurements? When you look at both product and body measurements in the exact same size they don’t match? So which one do I go by?

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