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How to Sign Up for Shein

Shopping Tips
How to Sign Up for Shein

Shein store is getting more and more popular among customers from all over the world.

No wonder, as this online clothes store offers:

  • A perfect system of bonuses and discounts.
  • Products f high quality and in modern designs.
  • Stores in different countries of the globe.
  • 24/7 customer service and customer protection program.

We will write more about all benefits and offers of this online shop. For now, with this article, we are starting a series of guides on shopping on Shein. They will help you to register in Shein, make your first order (a coupon code applies to it), track and cancel an order on Shein, and more.

How to Sign Up for Shein

In this article, we will show how to register on the US website of Shein. To sign up for Shein in another country, just search for your local version. The steps will be the same, as all regional websites are nearly identical.

Go to the sign-up page on Shein. You can do it using this link or directly on In the latter case, press the avatar at the top right corner of the website. This icon opens up 2 columns: Sign in – New to Shein.

sign up for shein

Choose the one to the right and fill in:

  • Your email address. Make sure you can use it, as you will need to press a confirmation link.
  • Your password (no less than 8 characters, use letters and numbers at least).
  • Your style preference (non-obligatory).

shein sign up

Press “Register”. That’s it! You can start shopping right away.

Shein 1st Order Coupon Code

When you have signed up, you are asked to go to your email box and press the confirmation link. We advise you to do it, as with this simple action you will get a 10% discount on an order over $49 and 100 points on Shein.

shein 1st order coupon code

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How to Sign up for Shein VIP

Once you have made your 1st order on Shein. You can join their VIP Program. It is free and allows having access to Shein events, parties, fashion advice, and getting reward points. You can sign up for Shein VIP using the corresponding link on the menu on your account on Shein.

how to sign up for shein vip

Shein VIP terms and description

How to Register as a Student on Shein

The bad news is that their student discount system is being updated at the moment, so you cannot get an extra discount if you a student.

how to sign up on shein as a stundent

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  1. I would like to sign up.
    So I can order.
    My daughter buys everything through shrink
    Please help me. I’m not a Technicaly inclined

    • Hello. Make sure you use a correct language and keep to all requirements. In case this doesn’t work for you, try to refresh the page using CTRL-F5 and/or use another browser and/or device.

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