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What is Shein Free Trial?

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What is Shein Free Trial?

Did you know you can receive Shein clothing for free? The only requirement is to make a detailed review of the item within 10 days after delivery and publish it on Shein. Best reviews are marked as “High Quality” and get additional Shein points.

How to Take part in the Program

Every non-blocked Shein customer has 3 weekly Free Trials. To apply for a Free Trial, open the page of the product you would like to review and click “Free Trial”. Type your clothing size and your correct shipping address, press “Submit”  and wait for the results.

shein free trial help center

Shein Free Trial testers are chosen by Shein automated system and are announced on the main page of “Free Trial”. When choosing a winner, the Shein system evaluates your previous Free Trial activity levels, how much you bought in the past, and whether you are a potential buyer.

If your application is rejected, do not get upset – apply for more Free Trials. Once you are chosen, you will see the product on your orders’ page and will be able to track it. The shipping expenses will be covered by Shein.

Requirements for the Reviews

When you confirm delivery of the product, you have 10 days to make and upload your review.

You have to contact Shein Free Trial support center if you have quality issues as soon as you discover the problem.

If you fail to publish the review within 10 days, you will be banned from Shein Free Trial program.

post free trial report

The review must meet general reviews guidelines, be thorough, contain your personal opinion on the texture, design, fabric, size, and all other aspects of the product. User photos (one full body shot and 2 detailed photos of the product) and videos must be taken by the reviewing user and be of good quality.

You have to upload the review normally. Make sure you have all the information collected and ready for posting, and your Wi-Fi connection is stable, as you have only 2 attempts to upload the review if you want to get points for it.

Every uploaded review is examined by Shein staff. If your review breaks some review guidelines, it will be declined and you will have one more chance to change and then resubmit it.

Why Should I Take Part in the Free Trial?

  1. First of all, this is a great chance to get and enjoy free clothing.
  2. You will get Shein points for each approved review. Normally, you get 20 points for each review. Shein points are a type of internal currency that can be used to pay for a part of the cost of the order. The exchange rate is 1 point is $0.01. More on Shein points. You will get 100 points if your review if it gets a “High Quality” mark.

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